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Best iPod Speakers
Last modified Tue, Dec 9, 2008

What makes a great iPod speaker

If you're in the market to purchase an iPod speaker system for your home, apartment, dorm room, your next party or on the beach we give you the guidelines and speaker categories.

Here are 3 iPod speaker categories with links to the entire listings in each category.

JVC iPod speaker systemThere are full multi-component speaker systems useful in a large room with big speakers, base speakers and good stereo separation. You can expect great room filling sound from these models. Like this JVC unit on the left. See all iPod multi-component speaker systems

JBL on time iPod clock radioThere are the AM/FM clock radio speakers more useful next to your bed or in your kitchen. You can wake to your iPod music or your favorite radio station. The speakers are much smaller and sound is not as full but who needs Carnegie Hall in the bedroom. A good example is The On Time from JBL photo on right. See All iPod AM/FM clock radios

sonic impact if22 ipod portable speakerAnother important and useful speaker for your iPod is the portable speaker. There are many from the very small to luggable. Some have optional carrying cases and others come with the case and speaker as one unit. All of these are battery powered and many also will plug into your AC wall plug too (a preferred option). These are useful at the beach or beachhouse, your next party or in your cubicle. Sound quality is OK on some and exceptional on the larger models. See all iPod portable speakers.

Prices vary widely for the entire range of systems from about forty dollars up to two or three hundred (even found one for 3 thousand!!!!). Sound quality varies with cost (no surprises there) and speaker size which range from micro to portable and table top.

A few important features to be on the look out for. We think one of the most important for all but portable speakers and some bedside clock radios is a remote control. There is nothing more annoying that to have to constantly get up and mess with your iPod. With most of the modern remotes you can control all the important functions of your iPod while sitting in your comfortable chair.Should you already own a speaker system you'll be happy to know you can add your own iPod remotebike mount ipod speaker

There is one additional category, well not really a separate category - sort of a catch all. These speakers serve specific purposes from bike mounted speakers to waterproof speakers and outdoor speakers

Additional preferred features for iPod Speakers

  • Does the speaker system run on AC and/or batteries?
  • If battery powered are batteries rechargeable (save money)?
  • Does it have a video out (more important as time goes on)?
  • Does it recharge your iPod when in use?
  • Does it have a line-in Aux port (allows other audio sources to play through)?
  • Remote control (either RF- through wall transmission or IR - line of site transmission)

Additional considerations

  • Is size and weight appropriate for the use you have in mind?
  • Is the sound volume and quality good for use you have in mind?

Looking for additional accessories, try our iPod Accessories Guide, listing all iPod products

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