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New iPod Accessories!
Last modified Wed, Dec 3, 2008

Here you'll find the newest 2007 iPod accessories from around the world.

Find just announced iPod accessories here. The products appear in order with most recent announcements (newest) first. We go back about 3 months before products come off this "newest of the new" list. All products you see here are also listed in their respective category in the full directory.
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New iPod products recently announced

Ion LP-Ripping Turntable with USB Output Ion LP-Ripping Turntable with USB Output (Available from Brookstone, click title or photo to purchase)

Archive your records and cassettes. ION has created a revolutionary USB turntable allowing you to convert your old vinyl collection directly to CD or MP3 with included recording software. The iTTUSB also features a switchable phono/line level output for connecting to any home stereo with an AUX input. That means you can listen to those old LPs through your stereo.
Key Features
Plug & Play USB - no drivers needed!
Adjustable Anti-Skate control for increased stereo balancing
33 1/3 and 45 RPM
Supports the recording of 78 RPM records
through the included software
Switchable Phono/Line level RCA outputs (with built-in pre-amp)
1/8" stereo line input; digitize music from cassettes or other sources
Computer Requirements
PC running Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP
Mac running OS9 or OSX
One available USB1.1 port or higher
Compatible with most standard operating system drivers $149.95


ipod flat speaker systemFlat Panel Docking System - 2.1 CH System w/True 3D Sound & SRS TruBass. Built-In Magnetically Shielded Full-Range Stereo Speakers & Dual SubWoofers. Digital Tune AM/FM Stereo Radio w/Station Memory Presets. Backlit LCD Segment Display w/Clock, Timer & Sleep Timer. Electronic Volume Control & Preset EQ, Lighted Keys. Headphone Jack and Aux-In Jack for other Audio Players, TV, DVD. Inputs include 4 x AV Inputs - 2 x RCA, 2 x S-Video + RCA Audio Input,and S-Video Cable & Audio Line-In Cable. Docking Platform with Recharge Circuit for iPod/mini/nano/shuffle/video/photo Players. Motorized iPod Docking Drawer & Automatic Detect. Control iPod using the function buttons & remote control. Wall-Mountable, Mounting Hardware, included. AC-Powered.


eos wireless ipod speakerWireless iPod Speakers - the world’s first digital wireless, multi-room speaker system for the iPod.  The wireless functionality of Eos will change the way you enjoy your music – forever! Using proprietary Eos GigaWave technology, the system broadcasts digital CD-quality audio to up to four wireless satellite stereo receivers – up to 150 ft. away, inside and out! Set you iPod in the docking base station/transmitter (or connect to any audio source) and enjoy rich sounding 2.1 stereo sound, enhanced with SRS The unique design of the 2.1 wireless satellite stereo speaker allows for mounting directly on a wall power outlet independently, without mounting brackets or other support…just plug it in. Remove the power supply from the cabinet and put the Eos wireless satellite stereo speaker on a desktop or bookshelf. Compatible with most iPods (except the Shuffle and first generation iPods), mp3 players and other audio devices such as laptops and portable CD/DVD players. Avaialble in black or white, A basic Eos system with one remote speaker $299.99 Additional remote speakers $149.99


Nano 2g dockThe IncipioHitch USB Adapter for 2nd Generation iPod Nano 2GB 4GB 8GB - Black
incipio nano 2g usb dockThe IncipioHITCH allows you to easily connect an iPod nano to any USB port without having to use a large iPod Dock or messy cables. Supporting high speed USB 2.0 transfer rates, you'll be amazed at how quickly it charges and transfers music and files using iTunes. Comes with a repositioning USB arm to accommodate virtually any computer or USB port location or configuration. Small & lightweight, No Cables or Clumsy Cradle to take with you, Works with Both Mac and PC, High Speed USB 2.0 transfer speed. $14.99

Griffin Technology, Inc.

griffin nano 2g fm transmitteriTrip Pocket FM Transmitter Nano 2G and 1G- about the size of a book of matches--hardly bigger than the dock connector it plugs into. But iTrip Pocket packs presets, on-screen display and great-sounding wireless audio in a tiny pocketable package that lets you listen to your iPod on any FM radio.
iTrip Pocket is custom designed to match the size and shape of second generation iPod nano, but is fully compatible with 1st generation iPod nano as well as 4th and 5th generation iPod models.
iTrip Pocket makes it easier than ever to play your iPod in your car or on your home stereo. Using a tiny FM transmitter, iTrip Pocket broadcasts the audio signal from your iPod to any user-selected, unused FM frequency, sharing the music with the whole car or house.
iTrip Pocket features Griffin's exclusive SmartDisplay™ Technology that shows frequency information directly on the screen of your iPod, and switchable stereo/mono modes to give you the clearest possible sound under real-world conditions.
As tiny as it is, iTrip Pocket features 3 programmable Preset Buttons that make it even more convenient to pre-select open FM frequencies... a useful feature in metropolitan areas with competing radio stations crowding the dial. You only have to punch in the most useful frequencies once--and then call them back with a single touch. $49.99

Monster Cable

ipod shuffle 2g cordless headphonesiFreePlay - Enjoy Music with Complete Cordless Freedom. Now you can listen to your iPod shuffle music in a truly portable way. Features an exclusive iDock port that lets you directly connect your Shuffle 2G. This completely eliminates annoying headphone cords that get tangled and snag when you’re on the go. The iFreePlay delivers excellent sound in a compact package.
Better yet, you have easy access to all the shuffle controls without fumbling in your bag or pocket. Now you can listen to your music without interruption! When you’re done, the ultra-compact folding design easily fits into a pocket, bag or purse.
The Monster iFreePlay is the perfect music companion when you’re on the trail, on the track, or at the gym. The comfortable wrap-around design completely eliminates the need for a belt clip, restrictive armband, or a pocket. Enjoy all your music, no strings attached. $49.95


iskin cerulean bluetooth ipod headsetCerulean F1 + TX, Bluetooth Transmitter and F1 Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Black - Wireless made simple. The CERULEAN F1+TX gives you the freedom of wireless sound from your iPod, mobile phone or computer. It delivers crisp, clean stereo sound and superior headset functionality in a sleek and compact design that’s attractive, easy to use and feature filled. Built with iTunes in mind and integrates flawlessly. It also works well with other audio applications on your PC or Mac for a hassle free listening experience. If you have just upgraded to OS X Leopard, don't worry.... it works there too.
Since everybody has a unique pair of ears, we ship the F1 with two different earhook shapes. They are designed to be comfortable and keep the F1’s in an optimal listening position at all times.
Charge your F1 and TX using any powered USB charging port or USB 5V(DC) wall charger, power options are endless. Your F1 is fully charged in just over 2 hours and ready for over 8 hours of continuous music play back. You can get up to 10 hours of talk time on a single charge.
The CERULEAN F1 features full Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility and contains the necessary profiles to work with many of today’s Bluetooth mobile devices.
$189.99 Features
* Small, light weight and ergonomic design
* Multi-point pairing
* Operational range 33 feet (10m)
* Stereo Bluetooth® 2.0 equipped
* Music playback 8 hours
* Talk time 10 hours
* Standby 300 hours

Altec Lansing

altec lansing inmotion ipod video and stereoinMotion iMV 712 - mini-theater for your iPod video? How’s that sound? Two specially engineered 3“ full-range speakers smoothly deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound. Feel the exceptional low frequencies from the built-in 4“ side-firing subwoofer. inMotion’s proprietary signal processing widens the stereophonic image to dramatically expand the audio soundstage.
High Resolution Widescreen Display. Enjoy your videos on a large 8.5“ widescreen LCD display.Includes a Full-featured Wireless Remote. Controls mini theater and select iPod functions.
The iMV712 is fully compatible with iPod models that have the alarm clock and sleep timer features.
Built-in Dock for iPod docks iPod, iPod nano, and iPod mini models.
Input jacks for second or third device connection, including CD, DVD, and portable music and video players.
S-Video output. Playback videos and photos for iPod on your TV. $349.99

ipod guitarIcoustic - The iCoustic system is totally compatible with your iPod or other digital music device. When connected to the iCoustic system you can listen to your music right through your guitar. But that is only the beginning. You can play along with the music on your iPod and both are simultaneously amplified through our system.
Can't figure out that lick? Play it through the guitar with your iPod and then play along.  With the iCoustic system your iPod becomes a great teaching device.
Record backup music or beats, put them in your iPod and play along. With the iCoustic system and your iPod you are totally portable and never without music.  Yes, the possibilities are endless. Prices vary with guitar model
Send Station

PocketDock AV - compact and versatile - it syncs, charges, connects your iPod to your stereo, outputs your iPod video to the big screen.
Your PocketDock AV comes with the coolest cable you’ve ever had. USB, audio, composite and S-Video — all in one single, stunningly compact, 130 cm (51 in.) cable. Velcro cable strap included..
Tip: Got a 15" or 17" PowerBook? Attach the cable to the built-in 7-pin video connector and output your screen content to a TV. It’s great for watching DVDs in your hotel room!
Did you know that your iPod provides much better video quality than what you get from existing cable solutions using the iPod headphone jack? It’s called S-Video and is provided through the iPod’s dock connector..
S-Video uses separate signals for color and brightness, whereas the Composite (from headphone jack) the whole picture is crammed into a single signal. S-Video image is much sharper, provides cleaner colors and reveals much more detail.
The PocketDock AV is the most affordable solution for attaching your iPod to your existing home stereo — or car stereo, too — with zero compromise in sound quality:
PocketDock’s industry-standard 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo jack connects directly to the iPod’s line level circuitry — so it’s just like Apple’s Dock, but in a tiny, easy-to-carry package.
PocketDock AV is compatible with any iPod with Dock connector. $36.95.


ipod video recorderi182 Home Video Recorder - With this simple device, birthday parties, weddings, or other precious moments can be converted and saved into a format that can be watched on your iPod. Record manually or in increments of 30, 60, 120, or 180 minutes with resolution as high as 640 x 480, 2.5 Mbps. And if you use the USB / SD / MMC / MS card adapter, you can also record onto memory cards for watching later on your PSP.
Records video onto the hard disk drive of your iPod with video capability. Accepts AV or S-Video input and converts it into the digital format for playback on your iPod. A simple two-button user-interface, start/stop recording and recording time from the pre-set selections. iPod only charges through the integrated dock. .
Included with the video recorder is USB / SD / MMC / MS card adapter, an AC adapter, AV cable (RCA-to-RCA), an installation CD and instruction manual. Compatible with the 5th generation of iPod (30GB, 60GB, 80GB). $229.95

2nd generation shuffle dockiUSB allows you to easily connect a iPod Shuffle to any USB port without having to use the relatively large iPod Shuffle 2G Dock (included with your iPod Shuffle). Supporting full speed USB transfer rates, you will be amazed at how quickly it handles music transfer with iTunes and charging needs. The iUSB is the perfect travel companion, taking up virtually no space in a bag or pocket. No need to haul around the Dock and cables that came with your iPod Shuffle, just pack the iUSB and a user all set. The iUSB also comes with a convenient lanyard loop on the side so you can attach it to backpack or laptop case.
This tiny adapter weighs in at only 5.6 grams and measures a mere 47mm X 16mm! No Cables or Clumsy Cradle to take with you. Works with Both Mac and PC. £5.99 approx US $10

ipod screen privacy protectoriPod Video Privacy Screen Protector is an innovative premium quality screen protector for the iPod 5G that not only protects your screen from scratches and light bumps, but also protects your privacy by preventing your neighbors from seeing what you have on your screen.
Watch your movies or view your pictures in privacy even in a crowded train! $9.99

Send Station

ipod cable dock extenderDock Extender Plug & Play is back. Tired of constantly peeling your iPod from its case to use your docking station or iPod speaker system? Does attaching dock-mounted accessories like a voice recorder make you speechless? Thanks to the Dock Extender, that’s all a thing of the past.
No matter what case you own, SendStation’s Dock Extender has been designed to fit it. Your Dock Extender uses the same compact iPod plug as found on the standard iPod docking cable from Apple, so it’s compatible with all cases that have a dock connector opening.
Your Dock Extender comes equipped with a matching Universal Dock insert with a removable support and three interchangeable bumper caps. It’s like a good friend, one you can lean on: All iPods in all cases are welcome to take a break and recharge. (Any other iPod feature works too, of course). Price to be announced.

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