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Shure earphones

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Name: Shure E3C (white) & E3 Earphones (charcoal and black cord)
Company: Shure
Price: $199.00
Accessories: Includes a hard, zippered carrying case,
an integral spool that you wrap the cable around and a Fit Kit with different sized isolating plugs and yellow crush-type foam earplugs.

Compatible: All iPods

Pod Mania Editors choice
Pros: Great sound isolation, excellent base response, comfortable fit and very lightweight!
Cons: None. As a side note you need to experiment with proper fit to get true sound isolation.
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Shure E3C Review

05.10.07 - Originally developed for professional musicians the E3c & E3 (same earphones different colors) combines what Shure calls WideBand MicroDriver technology (fancy way of saying wide frequency response) and sound isolating design. I can vouch for both these assertions. The sound isolation is nearly as good as the newer noise canceling headsets without the need for added electronics. When you insert them properly in your ear canal they truely block out the ambient (surrounding) noise and you'll enjoy a sort of "recording studio" listening experience. An important point is you'll be able to hear all of your music's detail without feeling the need to increase volume to ear damaging levels.

Each comes with a Personal Fit Kit
Because every ear is different, E3c Earphones come with a pair of disposable Foam Sleeves, three pairs (small, medium, large) of Flex Sleeves, and three pairs of Soft Flex Sleeves (small, medium, large) to ensure the ideal personalized fit. This is important since you really won't experience the fidelity these earphones can deliver without taking the time to experiment with the right fitting foam or flexsleeves.

The soft, flexible sleeves in the Fit Kit will contour to the inside of your ear to create a comfortable, secure fit, so that the earphones don't fall out while exercising a nice feature (but who wants to sweat all over your $180 worth of earphones). For a "perfect "fit the E3c's are also compatible with custom-molded sleeves, made by a hearing specialist. You'll have to visit an audiologist to upgrade to these.

Sshure E3C ipod earphonesAn illustrated instruction manual will remind you that the phones are designed to fit well into your ear canal, with the cords going over and behind your ears. The fit is snug so you can achieve the sound isolation that is so important to maximizing your listening experience. It may take you a time or two to get used to inserting these earphones properly. For an in-ear canal device they’re truely comfortable and the seal will remain secure no matter what your level of physical activity.

When these are fit properly the sound isolation is so good you should exercise caution when walking on the street since you won't be able to hear on coming traffic.

The quality of this product is obvious from the great packaging to the well designed case and really lightweight construction. Weighing only 0.9 oz (28g), the E3c is among the lightest earphones you can purchase

Every E3c purchased comes with a two-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. (See warranty information at web site)

I feel confident in recommending these earphones. Cost aside, try them and you’ll love them. If you can find the budget go ahead and put them in your ears they'll bring your iPod listening up at least a couple of notches.

Because of their performance, fit and good sound isolation we have awarded the Shure EC3 our Editors Choice. - jc

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