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Waterproof iPod Cases
Last modified Wed, Dec 3, 2008

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H2O Waterproof iPod Case

Great waterproof protection for your iPod. Including waterproof earphones and armbands.

If you're into skiing, watersports, active outdoors activities you'll be glad you put your iPod in one of these cases. Don't worry about dust, dirt or moisture ruining your iPod again. At the beach or pool, riding your board on your favorite slopes or jet skiing you can still enjoy your tunes. Most manufacturers listed here have a solution for every iPod model and we have also included special waterproof earphones that you can use too! - Editors.

OtterBox for iPod Nano 2G and 1G -The OtterBox for iPod nano case protects your nano from all the elements, including your active lifestyle.
Waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof
ClickWheel protected by a thin membrane which remains fully functional through the case
Included belt clip provides cable management for your headphones
External headphone jack usable with any style headphones with a standard mini stereo plug (1/8”). Includes a neck lanyard $39.95. Armband is optional. $14.95

WaterProof iPod Video, photo and 20g - Waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof
ClickWheel protected by a thin membrane which remains fully functional through the case
Included belt clip provides cable management for your headphones
External headphone jack usable with any style headphones with a standard mini stereo plug (1/8”). Includes a neck lanyard $39.95. Armband is optional. $14.95

Otterbox iPod Shuffle 1G (watch for 2G soon) and iPod Mini

note: OtterBox for iPod cases are NOT adapted to withstand pressures experienced by scuba diving. Using the incorrect case may cause leaking. Otter Products is not responsible for personal property when used in the incorrect case. For more details, please see our warranty.


waterproof ipod caseWaterproof Case Guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps dust and sand out. Foam-padded for extra comfort and protection. Ultra light weight – only 50 grams/1.8 ounce. Supplied with: Armband, Neckcord, Carabiner and Desiccant in order to absorb condensation in humid conditions. Keep your iPod safe from water, sand and dirt. Designed with a built-in external headphone jack for earphones, the clear front panel allows full operation of controls and click wheels inside the case. Now includes armband for one-handed attachment. $40.00

waterproof ipod earphonesWaterproof Earphones - Good quality waterproof headphones with in-the-ear design. Great sound above and below the waterline. Headphones have been tested to a depth of 10m/30ft - but they are not suitable for use at depths greater than 10ft/3m where pressure may cause hearing damage. Comes with spare ear buds and Headphone Buoy to store headphones when not in use. The perfect accessory for use with Aquapac waterproof case. $40.00


5G Featipod shockproof caseures ShokProof and Weather Resistant protection for your iPod 5G Video. The iShok iPod case marks a revolutionary change in mobile electronics protection. The patent pending iShok design combines a unique combination of Impact Grade Polycarbonate Plastic and Soft Thermoplastic Overmolded Rubber to protect your iPod from accidental impacts, scratches and dents while cushioning the device to safeguard the sensitive electronics inside. NOW adding Water and Dust resistant all weather protection.
360' Armored Protection Flip-top Lid Weather Resistant Secure Snap Closure Synchs in Case $30.00

Ego Music Showcase

ipod waterproof speaker and caseWaterproof iPod Case and Speaker Compatible with iPod Video, iPod Photo, iPod 4th Generation, iPod Mini, iPod Nano. Power Supply 4 x AA (LR6) batteries. Over 30 hours of playtime. Blue LED power indicator, auto shut-down after 2.5 minutes without audio signal. Custom designed waterproof speakers with 45mm neodymium drivers. Designed to function in wet surface environments (i.e. in showers, wet surfaces, floating on water), and to continue to function if plunged to depths of up to 1 meter / 3.3 feet in water before floating back to the surface. Dimensions W: 248mm / 9.8”, H: 164mm / 6.5”, D: 46.5mm / 1.8”. Weight 0.93kg / 2.05lb.

Made from clear hard plastic, the Music Showcase allows you to hear the music from any iPod 4G, 5G, mini, or nano when you're in or near water, and can even float on water in a pool, or take serious splashes, without damage to the speakers or iPod inside. Latched at the top, an O-ring lined compartment seals your iPod in between the four speaker drivers, connecting via the headphone port rather than a Dock Connector Music Showcase, spacer pads, 4 AA alkaline batteries, shoulder and wrist straps, pull-string pouch, user manual and warranty card, colour gift box. $150

waterproof ipod case and speakeriDive 300 - combination waterproof case and speakers. iDive's locking cam knob, robust seal, and durable polycarbonate construction will ensure your iPod stays dry while delivering high quality stereo audio during your dive. You'll actually look forward to long decompression stops.

* Waterproof down to 300ft/90m underwater
* Integrated microprocessor allows for push button control of click wheel and touch screen iPod devices
* Over the Ear Speakers designed to be attached to a mask strap or tucked under a dive hood
* Built in amplifier provides high quality stereo sound
* Watch movies while decompressing
* Recommended for SCUBA diving and snorkeling
* Lanyard loop allows for easy attachment


iPod video waterproof caseSV Audio Series Waterproof Case plus Headphones - A completely secure waterproof ipod case and headset for blending music with outdoor fun. Rigid body provides extreme impact protection and safety from water, wind, dust, sand, snow or slush. Patented design provides easy access to click-wheel controls for iPod command function. Waterproof headset is included and compatible and interchangeable with standard iPod headphones for land use. Optional neopreme armbands and swimbelts available. For iPod Video, Nano, Shuffle 1G and iPod Mini. $149.95

save logoBuy Waterproof Case for Nano here and SAVE

iPod Nano waterproof case. Our Price $74.99 iPod Model

h2o waterproof earphonesWaterproof headphones - Waterproof housing for the H2O Audio Series. Submersible up to 10ft/3m (when paired with H2O Audio Series Housings). Waterproof speakers designed for complete submersion. Durable neckwrap keeps headphones in place during active watersports. Adjustable design for individual comfort. Coiled cable eliminates tangles. Silicone earplugs included. Compatible with standard 3.5mm audio jacks. $39.95

Buy H2O Waterproof headphones here and SAVEsave logo

Waterproof headphones Our Price $37.99

Outdoor Series -
Outdoor Case for Apple iPod nano 1st & 2nd Gen
Impact-resistant and element protection case. Designed for active outdoor wear* . Commander Scroll Wheel allows function of the iPod Click Wheel even through a glove. Dual Locking Slider System. Headphone and Dock Connector Ports. Sport Armband and Removable Reversible Belt Clip included. Compatible with Apple® iPod dongle accessories.$39.95
*This case is NOT waterproof but dust resistant and shockproof.

waterproof mp3 caseOverboard (available in UK)

Pro-Sport MP3 Case with Sports Arm Strap  - Heavy duty waterproof padded MP3 case with Pro-Sports Arm Strap. MP3 players fully useable when safely sealed in the case. Available in White or Black. approx $38.00

waterproof earphonesOB Waterproof Headphones - Good quality, ear bud style waterproof headphones.
Designed for use with all music players and guaranteed to a depth of 19ft / 6m.
Available in White or Black. approx $32.00

Cab be purchAsed together for approx $60.00


Aquatic Edition Liquid Frequency Waterproof Headphones
The Liquid Frequency is a pair of waterproof headphones so you can enjoy your music laying on the beach, surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, windsurfing, riding watercraft, or even just lounging around the pool. Comes with silicone tips to fit inside your ear canals. The coiled cord is designed to expand easily with your activity. Two earhooks are included to keep your earbuds in place $39.95

Swim Man

waterproof ipod shuffleWaterproofed Apple iPod Shuffle 2G Swimman has created the first and only completely waterproof iPod shuffle. NO BULKY CASE REQUIRED! In fact, there's no added case at all. The originator of waterproof audio players and waterproof headphones, has combined two top-of-the-line products by two top-of-the-line companies.

We know you will be absolutely thrilled with an iPod that's waterproofed. It will enhance your swimming and water sports experience. This is the way your favorite tunes should be: limitless! Waterproofed from the inside and therefore has no bulky case. It has an integrated aluminum clip which can be attached to the back of your goggle strap. It is also possible to clip it to the back of the waistband of your swimming trunks, and women are clipping them on their straps or front of their suits.

SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset II which has long enough cables to reach your waistband. These are not designed for scuba diving and are rated to 3 meters (10 feet). Great for swimming boating, skiing and any other acitivity where your iPod is likely yo get wet. This can only be purchased as a package. iPod Shuffle + waterproofing + waterproof earphones. Pricing starts at $100 when you provide your own iPod.

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