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iPod Battery Chargers
Last modified Wed, Dec 3, 2008

 iPod wall charger, iPod car charger, travel charger and more

These products will keep your iPod battery charged and ready to go without the need to take your computer with you. Prices will vary depending on added functions. Some (standard variety) charge only from your wall socket, others will charge only in your car; while the slightly more expensive will charge on a plane, car, or wall socket.

Some of these products also provide for audio line out so you can listen to music while you recharge and a few have LED light indicators so you know you're charging status. There are now two iPod solar chargers that, while expensive, are perfect if you're going to be on the beach or away from civilization for an extended period of time.

Travel a lot then check out the Apple World Travel Kit and the Monster Cable iAirplay (lets you charge on airplane). Better yet check out Battery back up (these are piggy back solutions and give your iPod up to an extra 40 hours of play time without recharge)-Editors.

Digital LifeStyle Outfitters

dlo ipod auto chargerAuto Charger - new modern design matches the beauty of your iPod. The DLO Auto Charger Status Light will let you know your iPod’s charging condition at a glance - viewable through the clear lens in the charger module. It glows red for charger ‘power on’ status, amber when it’s charging and green when your iPod’s battery is fully charged and ready to go.The new Auto Charger also includes Velcro tabs that allow you to mount the ultra-light iPod nano, connected to your Auto Charger, anywhere you want in your car. The DLO Auto Charger fits all dockable iPods including the iPod, iPod mini and iPod nano. It charges the iPod’s battery from any cigarette lighter or 12v outlet in a car or truck. The Auto Charger comes with a 24 inch coiled cord that stretches to over five feet in length. Replaceable fuse protects against electrical surges. In black or white. $19.99

ipod shuffle 2g wall chargerPower Bug for iPod Shuffle 2G - will charge a shuffle using any AC wall outlet. Cool, compact fold-away design is unlike any other shuffle accessory out there. Porvides the flexibility to charge your iPod shuffle anywhere. It also features an extra dock cable for syncing the shuffle with iTunes on the road or at home. The sleek ‘bug’ design compliments the tiny iPod shuffle’s look and feel.
Sync cable for suffleThe Power Bug’s AC plug folds flat for easy storage in a bag or even in a pocket. The detachable dock cable will replace a lost or misplaced shuffle docking station. It is a practical alternative to your shuffle dock because it’s just a simple cable that can go anywhere. $22.99

Better Energy Systems

Solio solar iPod chargerSolio - Solar charger for iPod - Solio makes it easier to go solar than ever - attach a cable and press the button, that's it! Comes with its own integrated internal Lithium Ion battery that stores the energy from sunlight. The patent pending Solar Blade technology allows the maximum solar area at minimum size. Solio's fan blade design allows it to be folded neatly to the size of a small mobile phone making it highly portable, and a perfect traveling partner. Charge your iPod at the same rate as your wall chargers. Better Energy Systems' aim is to reduce the effects of its products upon the environment - a "give more than we take" policy. Over its lifetime, Solio will ideally produce more energy than energy used in its construction. The clever design of Solio also means that it can be easily dismantled and recycled when it reaches the end of its life. $99.99

Xtremextreme MicroFlex iPod Nano car charger

MicroFlex Car charger - Flexible dock for on-the-road charging and power. MicroFlex Car is the most flexible car mounting system you'll find anywhere! It plugs directly into your vehicle's 12-volt accessory outlet and safely powers and charges your iPod nano. Its flexible construction enables you to position your iPod nano exactly where you want it.Compatible with XtremeMac's Airplay2 FM transmitter, and when used in conjunction, enables you to listen to your tunes in the car and charge your iPod nano at the same time. $49.95

xtreme ipod travel chargerIncharge Traveler - Keep your iPod charged no matter where or how you travel. InCharge Traveler features a power adapter with four different plug adapters that work in outlets around the world. To keep things simple—and safe—InCharge detects outlet voltage (120 or 240) and adjusts automatically. InCharge lets you plug into any 12-volt vehicle outlet. Maybe you’re a jetsetter. InCharge covers you there too with an Empower adapter for charging on commercial airliners. Plug adapter types:
1 USA / Japan
2 Europe / Korea
3 Australia
4 United Kingdom
Comes with travel pouch. $69.95

Griffin Technology, Inc.

griffin ipod travel chargerPowerDuo - keeps you charged in auto, boat, RV, home, hotel, or dorm room.The universally useful PowerDuo package contains the PowerJolt auto charger, PowerBlock AC charger, a USB Dock Connector cable, and a 48" USB Type A to mini-B cable. PowerJolt charges your iPod during use or in standby mode. With PowerJolt, you can listen to your music library while you drive, and still arrive at your destination with a fully charged iPod. PowerJolt plugs into any available 12V accessory port or cigarette lighter socket. A convenient status LED shows at a glance that your iPod is connected, and changes color to show that the iPod is charging. PowerJolt protects your iPod, too, with a replaceable fuse, so you never have to worry about overcharging or power surges.
PowerBlock is a full-featured AC power supply that powers and charges almost any iPod from a wall outlet. iPod shuffle (first generation) plugs directly into PowerBlock's USB port, and all other supported iPods use the included Dock Connector cable. PowerBlock automatically handles 110 to 240 Volt electric service, and features flat-bladed, non-polarized plugs for use with a wide range of international plug adapters. PowerBlock's compact size makes it the ideal traveling companion for business, home, or mobile use. Wherever your iPod can't be conveniently connected to a computer for charging, you need PowerBlock. For Griffin iTrip owners(see auto accessories), the PowerDuo package even includes a 48" USB to mini-USB cable that lets you charge even during use. $39.99

Dr. Bott

AutoCharger - Dr Bott AutochargerAuto Charger for iPod connects to the standard 12 Volt DC cigarette lighter found in most cars and provides power through the FireWire port of the iPod just like the included AC charger. Includes PocketDock for connecting 3G iPods and iPod Minis to a standard 6-pin FireWire cable. An LED indicates power status and also includes replaceable fuse to protect iPod. Fully compatible with the original iPod, Mini.$29.95

IncaseGOInCase Dual Chargeer

DualCharger(Home & Auto) - Custom designed with a 4-prong angled adapter head for car lighter sockets and a folding connector for wall outlets. Comes with a 5 ft. cable extension to provide an adaptable and secure charging system that works in standby or play mode. With a smooth gray rubberized exterior and audio plug-in for FM and tape transmission, the Incase Charger offers the most complete way to charge up your iPod or iPod Mini.the Switching Technology DC works with 12/24 volts and is AC compatible with worldwide voltage. Charges in standby or play mode.

Kensington Technology

kensington iPod charger4 in 1 Charger - Charge any Click Wheel iPods, including iPod nano and iPod with video. Use the pass-through dock connector with other accessories like FM Transmitters while charging your iPod. Charge any USB powered device such as an iPod shuffle, cellular phone, or PDA in your car (Requires a USB A/USB B or device specific cable - not included). Sync and charge your iPod while using an FM Transmitter at home or in the office with the detachable USB 2.0 to dock connector cable ($20 value). Included safety fuse to prevent damage to iPod in case of a power surge. Unique design to fit most hard to reach cigarette lighters. For iPod or iPod mini with dock connector, also works with new iPod nano and video. $29.99

kensington travel cahrgerTravel Charger - Safely plug-in, use or charge your iPod, notebook and other entertainment devices worldwide.
Just 3 easy steps:
Step 1. Press button to slide out the appropriate plug for instant power or to charge your device
Step 2. Simply plug in your iPod, notebook, cell phone or other electronic device
Step 3. Plug travel adapter into power outlet
The safety release button and built-in fuse ensure safe operation. Includes a spare fuse.
This all-in-one unit provides plug adapters for use in more than 150 countries. $29.99

Mobility Electronics

iGo 3500iGo EverywherePower 3500 Series - This universal AC/DC adapter powers and charges your iPod as well as other portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, handheld PDAs, and digital cameras. Using interchangeable itips technology, the 3500 Series powers and charges virtually all of your devices from any power source & standard auto power outlets, aircraft's in-flight power outlets and standard wall power outlets. The included iGo DualPower accessory allows iGo EverywherePower 3500 Series to simultaneously power and charge 2 portable electronic devices.$69.99 The itip B01 required for iPod - sold separately $14.99

Soldius soldius iPod solar battery charger

The Soldius 1 Universal Solar Charger - A light (4 oz) and compact solar charger able to fit in your shirt pocket and easy to use. Within 2-3 hours your device will be fully charged. The Soldius1 with iPod Kit includes the Soldius1, White mini USB cable and 2 interchangeable iPod adapters compatible with Apple iPod, iPod nano, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle. $99.99

Belkin CorporationBelkin Auto kit

Auto Kit - Connects your iPod to your car's cigarette lighter.   Included are an adjustable amplifier and 3.5mm audio-out jack that lets you play your iPod through your car stereo or other audio equipment when using a Belkin TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter or Cassette Adapter. You'll know when your Auto Kit is properly connected by its illuminated LED indicator. The unit is also engineered with a replaceable safety fuse to protect from potentially damaging spikes or short circuits. Available in white or black, charging cable included. $39.99

Monster Cable

monster ipod airplane chargeriAirPlay Charger - A portable power adaptor so you can charge your iPod and listen to MP3s during flights. Includes both a 15v airplane power adaptor and a 15v DC (cigarette lighter) power socket adaptor, along with a convenient 3.3ft. (1m) cord.Comes with a locking clip that helps keep the adaptor in place and a jacket and strain relief collar for durability and flexibility. The 24k gold contacts provide for corrosion resistance. $29.95

iCarCharger - Monster Low Profile ChargerProvides non-stop iPod operation by offering the convenience of charging its battery in your car. Features a low-profile design and Smart Digital Charger technology that supplies a rapid battery charge, followed by a trickle charge to optimize performance. 3-stage LED charge indicator light lets you know charging stage status. 24k gold contacts for optimum power transfer and corrosion resistanceConvenient 10-foot cord for ease of use. $39.95

monster travel chargeriSlimCharger- Ultra-compact travel charger with USB connector charges your iPod® using any AC power outlet*.

Apple Computer Inc

World Travel Adapter Kit - -IApple World Traveleincludes a set of six AC plugs with prongs that fit different electrical outlets around the world. For world travelers, this is the perfect kit to ensure power connectivity in most countries you may travel to. The Kit is designed to work with (and requires) the white portable power adapter that ships with iPod. The AC plugs included in the World Travel Adapter Kit directly support outlets in North America, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia, and Hong Kong. $39.00

iPod USB Power Adapter - Apple iPod Poower AdapterChoose an extra USB Power Adapter to easily connect to any power outlet and recharge iPod shuffle or any iPod model with dock connector. iPod models with dock connector also require the iPod Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable. $29.00

FireWire Adapter $29.00 - Apple Firewire powerUse an iPod FireWire Power Adapter for home, office, or travel. The FireWire based adapter allows you to charge your iPod when not connected to a computer. Just plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect either a 6-6 pin FireWire cable (iPods without dock connectors) or an iPod Dock connector to FireWire cable (iPods with dock connectors) to your iPod for recharging. $29.00

imp - SiK, Inc.

SIK Imp Car ChargerA car charger with line-out audio for all iPods with dock connector. Imp's unique design offers unmatched flexibility for using your iPod on the go and provides unadulterated line level audio output and charging when used with iPod or Mini. Imp's line level audio output functions whether or not power is supplied for those occasions when you would rather power a device other than iPod from your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket. A standard 6-pin FireWire connector is included for owners of previous generation. $29.95

BoxWave Corporation

Dual FireWire + USB Car Charger - A single car charger designed for use with the miniSync or DirectSync to charge both a FireWire device, such as your iPod, and another handheld device through the USB port! Now you can have one car charger that creates a reliable power source for multiple types of devices in your car. Don't worry if you forget to place your iPod on the cradle the night before, you can take it with you and charge it on the road! Dual FireWire + USB Car Charger is available for iPod and Mini.

VersaCharger - Boxwave VersaChargerA new revolutionary charger that eliminates the need for multiple chargers. Whether you're in the car, on an airplane, at the office, or at home, the VersaCharger is the single charging solution. VersaCharger combines a car charger, wall charger, and airplane charger through an optional converter, to create the all-inclusive charging solution for your Apple iPod. VersaCharger is available for iPod and Mini. $24.95 standard; $33.95 with airplane charger option

Pacific Rim Technologies

worldwide usb ipod chargerWorld Travel Charger with USB - Built-in Auto Switching USB Charger - Leave the chargers for your mobile phone, digital camera, iPod, PSP, MP3 Player, PDA etc... at home! Universal AC Power Outlet- Power up your notebook computer or other mobile electronics directly from the Universal AC Power Outlet no matter where you are!
Be connected and protected! From Australia to Zimbabwe, the Pacific Rim Technologies Universal Travel Charger provides compatibility in over 150 countries worldwide. The built-in surges and spikes protection system protects your mobile electroncis from potential damage.
With the Pacific Rim Technologies Universal Travel, you can power up your notebook computer through the AC power port and charge your mobile electronics through the USB power port simultaneously.
Experience a more successful business trip and a more enjoyable vacation with less luagge and worries with the Pacific Rim Technologies Universal Travel Charger! $29.95

ifrogz custom ipod skin

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