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 iPod Information
Last modified Sun, Dec 21, 2008

All iPod Models

01.09.07 | Apple introduces new iPod - Smart Phone - Internet communications device (all-in-one) (Macworld Expo)

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Over these past 5 years there have been a number of upgrades (generations) as well as several different form factors.

Models and generations differ by:

  • music storage capacity
  • docking mechanisms
  • color screens
  • input mechanism (scroll wheel v. click wheel).
  • It is often important to know which model and generation you own. This will come in handy when you are looking at purchasing a cable, connector or charger, a docking station and even when selecting a case (dimensions changed across generations).
Which iPod model do you own, find out here

Find your iPod Manual here

iPod FamiluOnce you know which model you own then just go to one of the following headings below and we'll show you the links to important documents from Apple and where to get the latest free software and firmware upgrades.

Looking for answers to your basic iPod Questions?
Read the FAQS here.

Now do even more

DigitalMania-Online.com is about more than iPod accessories.

The following sections describe the pages to go to for general information on a particular iPod model or iPod generation.
All iPod generations (now Video iPod).
The iPod as it was first introduced used a mini hard disk (about 1" in diameter, slightly bigger than a quarter) to store your music. Over the years the storage capacity improved - now up to 80 Gigabytes of data, that's 80 Billion bytes** folks - and battery life has been extended to 20 hours of audio. As of Sept. 06 the two Video iPod models come in 30 gigs and 80 gigs costing $249 and $349 respectively - 50 dollars less than last year. How much can your pocket hold? That’s up to you and your iPod. It holds up to 20,000 songs, up to 25,000 photos, and up to 100 hours of video — or any combination. So you can browse movies on the iTunes Store, download the ones you want, then sync it to your iPod. Same goes for TV episodes, new iPod games, 99¢ songs, best-selling audiobooks, and an entire universe of free podcasts. Go ahead. Fill ’er up.
iPod Nano general information, support & help.
The 2nd generation iPod Nano was just announced (9.12.06). The major difference is storage 2, 4 or 8 Gigabytes - all basic functions as well as price are the same. The new case is now annodized aluminum in five colors. What it gives up in storage it makes up for in durabilitiy (no moving parts) and battery life (about 18 hours). We have put together the basic specifications, Nano user guides and color photos.
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New iPod ShuffleiPod Shuffle general information, support & help.
The smallest member of the iPod family, a cousin in this case. The Shuffle differs greatly in storage capacity (1 Gigabyte maximum) and also in basic function - no playlist and no screen. It has no moving parts since music is stored in flash memory and not a hard drive. What it gives up in storage and extended function it makes up for in durabilitiy (no moving parts) and battery life (about 18 hours). This is a photo of the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle - about the size of a pack of matches. Read New iPod Shuffle Review
iPod Mini cases, support & help.
The Mini was vailable in 4 colors with a original capacity of 4 Gigabytes it came in a surprisingly small package yet with all the same abiltiies as its bigger brother (less storage capacity). It proved to be an instant hit. Sionce they were sold in the millions we will continue to provide information. Mini cases are still being manufactured.
Buying an iPod, finding the Cheapest iPod and best deal.(coming soon)
Whether you're about to purchase your first iPod or - if like many of us - you're about to buy your second or third. We have tried to provide a guide to the Best iPod prices and where we could discount iPods. Click here for Cheapest prices for iPods.
** What's 80 billion bytes (a byte is a unit of computer memory) in real terms?

A byte can store one letter or number A - Z, 0 - 9. Now let's say a word in a book averages 10 characters long then your iPod would store 8 billion words ( 80 billion/10).
Again for example let's say a novel averages 200,000 words then your iPod would store 40,000 novels (8 billion words/200,000).

Remember this is all stored on the surface of a tiny disk a little bigger than a quarter in your pocket.

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