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iPod Mini Cases
Last modified Tue, Jan 6, 2009

iPod Mini Cases and iPod Mini accessories are still available.

ipod mini

The iPod Mini was wildly popular and as a result you can still find some products that are mini compatible. You can buy them on eBay and still purchase refurbished units. We are often asked about iPod Mini cases so we thought we would do a round up of those cases still available. Most of the accessories that make use of the iPod dock will work with the iPod Mini e.g. iPod Mini speakers, iPod Mini chargers, FM transmitters, and if you have iPod Mini Battery Problems or instructions how to replace your iPod Mini battery. We'll keep this page available as long as there is interest and products for the iPod Mini - Editors.

The companies listed here make cases for iPod Video, Shuffle and Nano too.
iPod Mini Cases - Fashion, Armor, Shields and Skins
Click on each photo gallery for more product shots.
iFrogz custom iPod Mini cases

ifrogz custom ipod casesDesign your own iPod Mini case. These 100% polished silicone iPod Mini cases will provide unrivaled protection and style. There are thousands of design combinations and you are sure to find the set that expresses your unique style. Our 3-part design allows you to truly have an iPod case that reflects your unique style and personality. With millions of design options, you're almost guaranteed to have a unique iPod case.
Theses cases are not thin and flimsy like some iPod cases, but instead offer superior protection due to our proprietary manufacturing process. Not only is the screen and wheel protected with the rest of your iPod but the inputs are also protected when they are not in use by the custom bandz. These bandz wrap around the edge of your iPod case and come in a wide variety of colors too. $29.00


ipod mini aluminum caseezArmor - This protective Case is made of 100% anodized aircraft grade aluminum and fits all iPod Videos. With a clear protective screen and clickwheel cutout you get full access to your iPod while it is in the case. The interior is lined with neoprene to cushion your iPod from impact shocks. Includes removable secure belt clip. Available in black and silver $34.98

Protective Solutions

invisibleSHIELD - Never scratch your iPod Mini again, ever. This film is made from a material originally designed to protect helicopter blades. Now it will protect your iPods and it is invisible. Get ultimate protection without sacrificing the look of your iPod. invisibleSHIELDs are available for full-body coverage screen-only covers and even click-wheel covers. Film available for iPod, iPod shuffle 2G an orginal, iPod Mini and iPod Nano 2G and original. Prices vary: Get just a click wheel shield - $4.95, a screen cover - $11.95 or a shield that covers your entire iPod - $24.95

(click on photo for more images)

ipod nano vinyl skin GelaSkins for Mini - These protective iPod covers are made with premiumipod nano skin grade 3M vinyl and adhesive technology and are very thin (< 2mm). They are manufactured using the same process and materials used in the automotive customization industry. A patented micro-channel in the adhesive prevent bubbles from forming during application. An ultra-clear, scratch resistant, glossy coating is then applied to the GelaSkin for added durability and a photo quality finish. Designs and photo quality graphics by artists from around the world. Comes with clear screen protector. Available for all iPod Nanos and video and 4G iPods, iPod Mini too. Dozens of designs to choose from $14.95

Griffin makes a wide variety of electronic accessories for iPod Mini. Find them here

Hard Case for iPod mini  The Belkin Hard Case provides stylish protection for your iPod mini with lightweight, aluminum construction.
Sport Sleeve for iPod mini The Belkin Sport Sleeve provides stylish flexibility for your iPod mini with lightweight, rubberized construction. The Sport Sleve includes an armband, swivel clip, or lanyard, giving you the freedom to enjoy your iPod mini, anywhere you go.
Leather Pouch Case for iPod mini The Belkin Leather Pouch for iPod mini combines stylish protection with fine-grain leather construction. Our convenient top-loading design combines security and functionality, allowing accessibility to your iPod mini at all times.
Leather Case for iPod mini The Belkin Classic Case for iPod mini combines stylish protection with fi ne-grain leather construction.
Sports Jacket 3pk for iPod mini The Belkin Sports Jacket gives you a great way to carry and secure your iPod, preserving its original look.
Leather Pouch for iPod mini The Belkin Leather Pouch for iPod mini combines stylish protection with fine-grain leather construction. Our convenient top-loading design combines security and functionality, allowing accessibility to your iPod mini at all times.
Classic Case for iPod mini The Belkin Classic Case for iPod mini combines stylish protection with fine-grain leather construction. Our innovative belt clip combines security and functionality, providing access to your iPod mini at all times.
Sports Leather Case for iPod mini The Belkin Sports Leather Case for iPod mini combines stylish protection with fine-grain leather construction.

OtterBox for iPod Mini - Allows access to controls in a waterproof interactive case design. Also available for iPod Nano, Mini and Shuffle this rugged case offers protection for music on the go. Whether traveling, biking, swimming, hiking, kayaking or relaxing at the beach the OtterBox for iPod protects expensive iPods on any adventure! Avaialble for iPod Nano too. $29.95 Armband is optional. $14.95

Sportsuit Convertible - This all-around sports case features maximum protection and patented Multidapt® clip system. Armband, removable lid, and belt clip included. Can charge iPod in the case. $14.95 - $29.95

Trail Vue - Rugged, nylon cases for the iPod mini. Each case features a clear mylar holder for the mini, an opening at the top for the earphone jack, and a Velcro closure. Choice of seven color combinatioons. $9.95 - $29.95

Metro Vue - The MetroVue was designed to be the perfect companion as you take in the sights and sounds of the big city. A full view of your iPod mini is provided by the scratch resistant polyvinyl slip; revealing the color of your mini even when the case is closed. $29.95

Sportsuit Runabout - The Runabout is the first wrist mounted iPod case on the market. If you like to change songs on the fly, the Runabout is for you. The Runabout is perfect for biking, rollerblading, running, and a multitude of other activities.$9.95

Sportsuit Safari - Whether you’re exploring the jungle or out on the town, the Safari will protect your iPod mini while bringing out your animal instinct. The Safari can be worn with the included neck lanyard, or with a belt. $4.95 - $14.95

Sportsuit Basic - This snug neoprene case features maximum protection and patented Multidapt clip system. Can charge iPod in the case. $9.95

Sportsuit Sleeve - This neoprene case features total protection and patented Multidapt clip system. $6.95 - $14.95

C.E.O. Classic - This case features top quality leather construction and patented Multidapt clip system. Two removable lids: one with earphone storage pocket, the other with play-thru controls. Can charge iPod in the case. $24.95

Matias iPod Armor caseMatias Corporation

iPod Armor. Stylish lightweight and rugged iPod Armor keeps your iPod looking as new as the day you bought it. iPod Armor fits all Apple iPod models including the new 4th-generation "Click Wheel" model iPod Photo and the Mini. The Mini comes in clear version too. From $19.95. Optional belt clip $14.95.

SV iMini - Waterproof Case plus Headphones A completely secure waterproof ipod case and headset for blending music with outdoor fun. Rigid body provides extreme impact protection and safety from water, wind, dust, sand, snow or slush. Patented design provides easy access to click-wheel controls for iPod command function. Waterproof headset is included and compatible and interchangeable with standard iPod headphones for land use. Optional neopreme armbands and swimbelts available. For iPod Mini and all other iPods. $119.95

Waist Band Enjoy high quality audio while you are bike riding, jogging or working out. Includes a velcro tab to keep your iPod in place an adjustable waist strap fits all users comfortably headphone jack opening on top storage zipper pocket for earbuds and moisture resistant neoprene construction to keep your iPod dry. $13.98

Open View Armband - This armband fits your iPods right side up or upside down so that the LCD screen reads right side up when viewed on the arm! Includes a clear protective window cover you can play right through; and openings to access the hold button and insert the headphone jack. Available for iPods, iPod Nanos, Shuffles and Minis. $17.95

HotRomz iPod Mini Cases - Unique handmade iPod cases personally created for you by Debbie Ann the owner of HotRomz. These cases are available in a variety of wild styles and colors to fit all iPods iPod Mini, Nano and Shuffle. $14.95 - $24.95

iPod Mini Cases - Comes in number of NBA logo colors.The Shockshell case for the iPod was designed using 3 different layers EVA aluminum and rubberized PVC. A soft inner layer of EVA holds your iPod safely and snugly inside the Shockshell while the middle layer of aluminum creates a solid wall of protection to reduce the risk of damage. The outer layer of rubberized PVC provides excellent grip and eye-catching designs. Includes a removable belt clip. Drop tested to 3 feet. ShockShell case for iPod Mini & iPod Shuffle first generation. $14.99

The perfect way to travel with your iPod and all your accessories. Comes in a variety of configuarations holding your FM transmitter extra CDs and more. Constructed of high quality padded leather it features a zipper closure and includes two metal "D" rings for attaching an optional wrist or shoulder strap. The i-Trac measures 10" X 7.5" X 2.25" and is offered in two colors: Black and Burgundy. $59.99

Contour Designs

iSee-20/40/Mini - The unique design of the iSee brings out the style of your iPod. Featuring an ultra-clear impact-resistant plastic body horizontally mounted belt clip dock port cover and a quick-release latch system. The iSee provides convenient access to the click-wheel headphone jack hold switch and dock connector. Fits the iPod and Mini. $19.99

ClearTouch Crystal offers 99% visual transparency bubble-free application sized to fit your Apple iPod perfectly protects sensitive touchscreens against scratches super durable and long lasting protection. Washable and reusable. Fits iPods and Minis. $12.95 - $27.95

FlexiSkin is durable soft to the touch and it can stretch and flex to help cushion your iPod from bumps and hard knocks. Provides easy access to your iPod and FlexiSkin is washable and tear-resistant too. Available for iPod Mini and Shuffle. $18.95


Timbuk2 iPod nylon caseTREO. These cases have the distinctive urban style rugged dependability and attention to detail that define Timbuk2. Both cases are made with ballistic nylon and plush lining to protect your iPods from scratches and dings. They attach to any shoulder strap or belt for quick access. Available for iPod and Mini. $20.00

iSportCase Protective carry-case for iPod so you can wear it hands-free at the gym on the trail and on the road. Includes self-adhesive clip to mount in your car for easy accessibility. Slim carrying case for iPods with dock connections. Designed for easy access to ports and jacks. Available for iPod and Mini. $19.95

The MP3 Collection Pacific Design

iPod Mini Flip Case -Variety of material textures and colors for all iPods and Minis. Pouches and flip case versions in 7 colors.

ipod purseDelarew Designs

Delapod Female devotees of the Apple iPod experience both love and hate: love the iPod hate the fumbling that happens when purses are along for the ride. Fashionable modern and practical Delapod bags feature an integrated transparent plastic window that holds the iPod or iPod mini. The clear window gives the user easy control of the iPod or iPod mini from the backside of the bag. See product Gallery

Pixelgirl Shop

Pixelgirl Shop is your source for all handmade and limited edition iPod & iPod mini gear from artists all over the world! We ve also got cool jewelry and accessories for guy girls and pets! Be unique Buy Handmade!

Pacific Rim Marketing

iDiddy We have gone far beyond the traditional iPod case by integrating the earbud wires into the lanyard that attaches to an all leather sleeve. iDiddy is worn as a fashion accessory accented with jewelry styled connectors attached to a fitted leather case. Comes with earbuds including 2 sets of foam covers an iLanyard with the earbud wires hidden inside and a fashionable leather case. Available for iPod Mini & Shuffle. $44.95-$59.95

We use high quality silicone (the same found in diving masks) to make sure that Apple's beautiful creation does not lose it's aesthetic appeal. Allows access to your iPod controls. The ribs on the side glow in the light to add beauty to iPod as well as protect it if dropped. Available for Mini and Shuffle too. $19.95 Optional aluminum clip available for $14.95.

PRIE TuneWallet TUNEWEAR An all-in-one solution for carrying your iPod cables cash and more. Made from beautiful soft leather with features too numerous to mention. Please check web site for photos. $59.95

PRIE Series TUNEWEAR New PRIE series lineup consists of 3 products. PRIE Classic is made from highest quality leatherette. And 2 high end models. The "PRIE Lux" made of high quality genuine leather and the "PRIE Pearl" which is made of exquisitely smooth sheepskin. Each PRIE series is available in a choice of colors. Features a flip cover desing and includes one long and one short strap. The long strap can be used to hang PRIE around your neck or shoulder. The short strap can be attached to a bag or purse. http://www.tunewear.com $34.95-$59.95

POPTUNE Mini TUNEWEAR Customize your Mini with these clean removing wearable wrapper. POPTUNE is available in 8 incredible patterns: wild Leopard, chic Zebra, pop Americana, Polka dot, Pastel check, Hounds tooth, tough Camouflage or Heartbeats. No sticky residue when you remove the POPTUNE. $8.95


Skins & ClickWheel protector These Clickwheel Skins acts as a protective layer for the front clickwheel of the iPod and Mini maintaining the clickwheel in like new condition. The skins come in different colors and patterns each uniquely designed and engineered.

FabriX cases are handmade using the finest of high grade fabrics and inner quilt padding. In addition to the style and fashion statements that they make FabriX cases are designed to fit the iPod snugly protecting it from scratches and minor bumps. These cases will not stretch and can be washed if they get dirty.Give your new iPod shuffle a new look in seconds and protect it from abuse at the same time! For all iPods Minis and Shuffles.

Check out our ready-to-apply full-color skins with an ultra-high resolution full-color design printed on premium grade adhesive-backed vinyl. The skins are then covered with a clear protective layer for the ultimate in durability. All of our full-color skins use a patented repositionable/removable/reusable adhesive backing for fast easy and accurate installation and goo-free removal! For all iPods Minis & Shuffles. $2.99

iPod Mini Cases Provide an entire line of cases for your iPod or Mini. Cases come in a variety of colors and materials. Also carry a selection of lanyards for your Shuffle, Nano and iPod Video. $22.95

iPod Classic Cases We believe that tough doesn't have to be hard. Cases come in a variety of colors and materials such as nylon, leather and suede providing durability with a touch of style. Sumo Cases are soft squishy and super strong. Lightweight and durable the hardworking nylon ballistic shell protects your tunes and provides the essential travel case for everywhere you go. Belt clip included. Fits all classic iPod sizes. $19.99

Didn't find what you were looking for, try our iPod Accessories directory, listing over 500 iPod products.

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