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iPod Nano Accessories
Last modified Sat, Jan 3, 2009

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iM600 Speaker

iPod nanoo portble speaker

Everything for iPod Nano 1st and 2nd generation
Nano 4th gen products being added!

Find the newest and the best iPod Nano accessories.

There are always plenty of new cases, Nano skins and clips but look at the list and we think you'll be amazed at the variety of products designed just for the iPod Nano. You'll find speakers for Nano, mounts and docks, Nano FM transmitters, headsets, microphones, voice recorder and more.The accessories we list here are those made just for the Nano 1st and 2nd generation so be sure to check our other categories for accessories that work with all iPods including the Nano. Now that the new 2nd generation iPod nano has arrived we will identify when these products are specific to one model or the other.
Buy mTune here and SAVE
Macally mTune for Nano. Our Price $49.99
Nano Model

Macally Portable Speaker for Nano. Our Price $39.99
Color Nano Model
cordless headset for nano 2GMacally Peripherals

mTUNE-2N (Nano 1G And 2G)- cordless stereo headset is specially designed for iPod nano 2G. Simply plug the iPod nano into the exclusively designed slot and you can enjoy the music anywhere, anytime. No battery is required.Turns your 2G iPod nano into a cordless MP3 headset. Collapsible design for easy storage. Exceptional stereo sound. No battery required. 3.5mm jack for your computer, portable, CD player or any other music device. Accommodating leather hygienic ear pads. Full access to iPod nano click wheel and display. Lightweight with adjustable headband. mTune-N for iPod Nano 1G. $49.99

IP-N1112 Portable Speaker - 2G ipod nano portable speakerportable, battery-operated stereo speakers for your iPod nano 2G. Simply plug the iPod nano 2G into IP-N1112 sparkers and you can enjoy your music in your bedroom, kitchen, hotel room or anywhere. With the long battery life, you'll get more than 10 hours of continuous playback with three AA batteries. Ultra-portable, battery powered stereo speakers for your iPod nano 2G. Enjoy your iPod nano 2G music without headsets or bulky wired external speakers. Share music with friends. On/Off switch to save battery power while not in use. Allows full access to all controls on your iPod. Three 'AA' batteries (included) lasts up to 12 hours of continuous use. 500mW power output per channel for exceptional stereo sound. Stands upright. $39.99 Also available for Nano 1st generation


Nano 2g dockThe IncipioHitch USB Adapter for 2nd Generation iPod Nano 2GB 4GB 8GB - Black
incipio nano 2g usb dockThe IncipioHITCH allows you to easily connect an iPod nano to any USB port without having to use a large iPod Dock or messy cables. Supporting high speed USB 2.0 transfer rates, you'll be amazed at how quickly it charges and transfers music and files using iTunes. Comes with a repositioning USB arm to accommodate virtually any computer or USB port location or configuration. Small & lightweight, No Cables or Clumsy Cradle to take with you, Works with Both Mac and PC, High Speed USB 2.0 transfer speed. $14.99


xtreme Microblast iPod Nano portable SpeakerMicroBlast - Portable speakers designed specifically for iPod nano. Simply slide your iPod nano into MicroBlast's dock and crank up its four great-sounding, amplified stereo speakers. It's powered by four AA batteries or an included AC adapter that enables you to play and charge your iPod nano at the same time. Better yet, MicroBlast's crystal clear protective cover allows you to safely leave iPod nano docked while on the go, and doubles as its base when the unit is open. MicroBlast includes both black and white interchangeable frames to match the color of your iPod nano, as well as a travel pouch $119.95.
xtreme MicroFlex iPod Nano car charger

MicroFlex Car charger Flexible dock for on-the-road charging and power. MicroFlex Car is the most flexible car mounting system you'll find anywhere! It plugs directly into your vehicle's 12-volt accessory outlet and safely powers and charges your iPod nano. Its flexible construction enables you to position your iPod nano exactly where you want it.Compatible with XtremeMac's Airplay2 FM transmitter, and when used in conjunction, enables you to listen to your tunes in the car and charge your iPod nano at the same time. $49.95

xtreme micro memo ipod voice recorderMicro Memo Voice recorder for 2G Nano- Turn your iPod nano 2nd generation into a portable, pocket-sized recording studio. No tapes, no batteries, no cables. MicroMemo plugs into your iPod to record interviews, meetings, lectures, or any audio content directly to your iPod nano. Capture audio using the flexible, detachable mic—or another type of microphone with a 3.5mm-plug, like our MemoMic lapel microphone or a stereo or condenser mic. MicroMemo also records directly from a computer or soundboard via line-in capabilities. Recording time is displayed on your iPod nano screen in real-time, and the built-in speaker allows you to listen to your recordings instantly—without earbuds. MicroMemo also allows access to the headphone port. Your recordings are saved as files that import into iTunes at CD-quality. From there, you can edit the audio in programs like Garage Band, or import as a soundtrack to a home movie, slideshow or presentation. MicroMemo's sleek, aluminum housing matches your iPod nano perfectly.

• Menus and controls display on iPod nano screen
• One-touch recording
• Flexible, detachable mic for exact positioning
• Built-in speaker for instant playback
• Records 16-bit audio at 44 kHz and 8-bit at 22 kHz
• Accepts other microphones with 3.5mm plug
• Records directly from line-in sources
ipod microphone for voice recording • No batteries needed—iPod-powered $59.95

MemoMic - A professional-style microphone that clips to a lapel or shirt. This omni-directional mic is designed to pick up meetings, lectures, or any audio hands-free. It's perfect for capturing every word into a voice recorder, like our MicroMemo, video camera or through a public address system.. Comes with 4 ft cable and extra windscreen. $29.95

iPod nanoo portble speaker inMotion - iM600 - for iPod Nano. Impossibly thin systemfor your iPod nano. Impressive sound and clarity and wafer-thin design (.67 inches thin). AC or Battery-operated make it perfect for any location. Six AAA batteries provide for up to 10 hours of play.Charges/syncs your iPod nano. Surprising bass, a foldable dock and weighs only 12 ounces. Carrying case is included. Perfect companion for your iPod nano first or 2nd generation Nano. $149.99

• Rechargeable Li-ion battery. Listen to over 7 hours of continuous play (or use the included AC adapter)
• FM radio with a full-function remote with Alarm clock
The iM600 is fully compatible with iPod models that have the alarm clock and sleep timer features.
• With convenient remote controls and station presets, LCD display, and telescopic antenna.
• Superior bass enhancement technology Quality bass without a subwoofer.
• SFX Stereo Field Expander. inMotion’s proprietary signal processing widens the stereophonic image to dramatically expand the audio soundstage.
• Compact design. Folds to close at 11“ wide, 1.7“ deep, and 6“ high (283 mm x 43 mm x 152 mm) for convenient mobility.
• Input jack, For second device connection, including CD, DVD, and MP3 players.
• Weighs Only 2.1 pounds (0.9 kg)


ipod nano speakerIDS-01b iPod speaker dock - This active speaker system allows you to charge your iPod, download new songs and photos, and listen to your tunes in HI-FI quality, via the powerful 6 watt per channel speakers. Ideal for iPod video, iPod nano, iPod, iPod shuffle, and all other audio devices. Active speakers and docking station for iPod. Charge, synchronise and listen to your iPod/iPod mini/iPod photo . Compatible with all iPod hardware including nano and video. Great for use in home, office, or for taking your tunes with you on hWhile intended for Apple's flash-based iPods players, the designs work with any dockable iPod as well as any device that can plug into a minijack input, such as the iPod shuffle. The 12-watt stereo system has a 3D bass audio enhancer and can also synchronize iPods by plugging into a Mac. (see bigger photo) $70.00


aluminum ipod nano caseAluminum N2 - PodsPlus Aluminum N2 for Apple's 2nd generation iPod Nano is the only aluminum case with both screen and clickwheel protection. Aircraft grade anodized aluminium makes this case strong yet light in weight. The clickwheel area is protected by a silicone cover and the clickwheel is useable underneath the skin with no loss of touch sensitivity. Top and bottom cutouts allow easy access to all iPod

functionalities. The LCD cutout has a clear plastic screen permanently fixed to the case and the interior is lined with neopreme for maximum protection. Black case with choice of 4 color click wheels. (see bigger photo) $29.99


belt clip for ipodHangman - Have you ever wanted an easier way to control your iPod while you're on the run? Ever shuddered at the thought of jamming your brand new nano into your front pocket. Ever been annoyed by that foot of extra cord that seems to always get in the way? Hangman's for you.
Keep your iPod near so you don't have to fumble in your backpack, purse, or pockets every time you want to skip a song or turn the volume down. Hangman's intuitive design makes it easy to attach your iPod to a belt loop, backpack, or purse strap to have convenient access to your personal soundtrack.
Hangman's intuitively designed flexible body provides a handy place to lock in that extra length of cord that is always getting in the way. After wrapping as much (or as little) extra cord as you want, simply lock into the cord notch to prevent it from unraveling.
Hangman connects to all supported iPods via Apple's universal dock connector port. The secure locking mechanism is released with a top-accessible button, making it easy to connect and remove Hangman from the tiny nano even when the headphone cord is attached. $19.95

Scosche Industries
  • 150 Ft. Wireless Range
  • RF Signal Travels through Walls
  • RF Remote Included
  • Includes additional clear Nano case
  • Remote pad stores in back of case
  • $79.95

iluv ipod battery boosterBattery boosters iLuv makes a full range of lithium polymer batteries that will extend the playing time (up to 56 hours depending on model) of either your iPod video or iPod nano. The batteries are designed as a docking system with both dock connector and headphone jack pass through. Added hours range 36 hrs to 56 hrs. Optional leather cases to hold your iPod and battery booster available in 4 colors. Prices from $40 - $70(see bigger photo)


ipod nano 2g travel speakersMiniBlaster Portable iPod Nano Speakers for iPod nano Gen 2 and Gen 1 - Slide your iPod nano into the incredible JLab MiniBlaster G2 and this ultra portable stereo speaker fits right in your pocket and allows you to blast crystal clear sound from your iPod nano any time and any place... walking, at the beach, camping, hanging with friends, and everywhere you go.
Comes with a 6V Power Adapter, Custom Silicone Skin (matches the color of your MB), 3.5mm stereo extention cable and Manual
Power: 6V DC or 4x AAA batteries, last up to 10 hrs. $49.95


ipod Nano 2g clear caseAlloyVision - Crystal Metal Case for Apple iPod Nano 2nd Generation. Crystal Metal Case is a new hybrid case of clear plastic and metal.  Showing off the original color of your Nano 2nd Gen while keeping it protected.  Comes in four fun colors:  Silver, Red, Green, and Black.  Now you can customize the color of your Nano 2nd Gen! Also comes with our JAVOScreen - Screen and Wheel Click Protector. $25.95

Nano leather CasesJavo edge iPod Nano leather case

The JAVOLeatherCase features a slim top-flap design with magnetic closure, a detachable belt clip, and is available in nine colors—black, blue, brown, green, light blue, pink, red, white, and yellow. The textured leather case is priced at $26.95


iskin nano 2g skinsSecond generation iPod NanoThe iSkin for the second generation iPod Nano delivers dual-layer design with style in a single comprehensive protective solution. Its premium silicone layer encapsulates the iPod Nano protecting it against shock and surface damage, while its impact resistant solid optical resin screen and face protector does the rest. Combined, they seamlessly blend to create a barrier against dust, dirt and damage. Included is a specially designed, low profile rotary beltclip that is removable. Available in 6 colors and comes in 3-pack. $29.99

save logoBuy iTalk Nano here and SAVE

Griffin iTalk Nano. Our Price $44.99

Griffin Technology, Inc.

griffin ipod voice recorderiTalk Pro - iTalk Pro is perfect for capturing how the world around you really sounds.Whether you’re taking lecture notes, conducting an interview, or just want to bring the sounds of the great outdoors indoors, your only limitations are your iPod’s capacity, and your own imagination. iTalk’s twin built-in mics record directly to your iPod, and adjustable gain settings give you control over the volume. You can even use external microphones with iTalk Pro. Just plug your mic into the 3.5mm jack on the bottom of iTalk Pro. Compatible with iPod Video and Nano (see bigger photo) $49.99
For more iPod Voice Recorders

Buy iTrip Nano here and SAVE
Griffin iTrip Nano. Our Price $44.99

itrip fm transmitter iPod Nano iTrip Nano - Uses the iPod's high resolution LCD for viewing station information. Unique sled design and minimalist controls and one touch navigation puts all iTrip functions at your fingertip. SmartSound volume control, dynamically adjusts iPod's volume level for optimal audio while users still can control iTrip's volume level through the iPod's click wheel.
iPod nano slides into iTrip and securely connects via the iPod's dock and headphone connectors. iTrip provides a selectable mono or stereo mode. This allows users to adjust for the absolute best possible reception under real-world conditions. Enable the Mono mode in tough situations, such as large cities with stations crowding the dial for unparalleled reception. Switch to stereo mode for the best audio reproduction when you have a clear station. iTrip draws its nominal power directly from iPod nano, requiring no batteries or AC adapters. A built-in USB port allows iPod nano to charge or synchronize music. Use in your car or at home. ( more photos ) $49.99
For more FM transmitters for iPod Nano

save logo

Buy iTrip Pocket for Nano 2g here and SAVE

Griffin iTrip Pocket. Our Price $44.99
griffin nano 2g fm transmitteriTrip Pocket FM Transmitter Nano 2G and 1G- about the size of a book of matches--hardly bigger than the dock connector it plugs into. But iTrip Pocket packs presets, on-screen display and great-sounding wireless audio in a tiny pocketable package that lets you listen to your iPod on any FM radio.
iTrip Pocket is custom designed to match the size and shape of second generation iPod nano, but is fully compatible with 1st generation iPod nano as well as 4th and 5th generation iPod models.
As tiny as it is, iTrip Pocket features 3 programmable Preset Buttons that make it even more convenient to pre-select open FM frequencies... a useful feature in metropolitan areas with competing radio stations crowding the dial. You only have to punch in the most useful frequencies once--and then call them back with a single touch. $49.99
For more FM transmitters for iPod Nano

portable ipod nano speakeriHM1B - Portable Speaker System for Apple iPod Nano ( 1G and 2G)

Customized Stereo speaker for your iPod nano. Sleek portable design allows you to take this item anywhere while protecting your Nano, perfect for your home, office, car, or on the road. Custom speakers designed for nano SRS™ TruBass setting for dynamic bass response. Access to all nano controls with great stereo sound for yourself or to share with friends. Plastic shield protects iPod nano and includes water-resistant carry case. $29.99


ipod waterproof caseWater-proof case for 2G iPod nano - “waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof and drop-proof” case for the second-generation iPod nano. Made of clear, hard plastic, the new nano OtterBox features a protective Click Wheel membrane for play-through control and works with any standard earphones or headphones. Also includes a removable neck lanyard and belt clip with cable management. Otterbox says, “With a completely interactive Click Wheel membrane, enthusiasts can turn up the volume or scroll through favorite tunes even on a run. An airtight seal prevents elements from entering the case and a rugged, drop-proof design cradles nanos from falls and scratches.” $39.95 Armband available too. $14.95

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