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iPod Shuffle Case
Last modified Wed, Dec 3, 2008

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Javo Shield Aluminum case

ipod shuffle 2g metal case

Looking for iPod Shuffle cases, clips, covers or skins they're listed below. Now including second generation iPod Shuffle

With the addition of the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle we felt it was time to separate the covers and skins into a listing making your search easier. Here you'll find cases, clips, skins, films and metal armor for all shuffles. We add to this list almost weekly as new products are announced.

As always your input is welcome, if we missed something or you spot an error just send us Feedback, always appreciated. - Editors

Find more iPod Shuffle help and information.

Apple releases new iPod Shuffle reset utility
03.16.07 | Apple has released a new version of reset for 1st and 2nd generation iPod Shuffles. Apple says Use iPod Reset Utility to restore the iPod models back to their factory settings when iTunes is unable to do so. The process completely erases all music and data and reinstalls the iPod software. Get it here iPod Shuffle Reset Utility

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Swim Man

waterproof ipod shuffleWaterproofed Apple iPod Shuffle 2G is waterproofed from the inside and therefore has no bulky case. It has an integrated aluminum clip which can be attached to the back of your goggle strap. It is also possible to clip it to the back of the waistband of your swimming trunks, and women are clipping them on their straps or front of their suits. Also available are SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset II which has long enough cables to reach your waistband. These are not designed for scuba diving and are rated to 3 meters (10 feet). Great for swimming boating, skiing and any other acitivity where your iPod is likely yo get wet. This can only be purchased as a package. iPod Shuffle + waterproofing + waterproof earphones $250


shuffle 2g visorVisors for iPod Shuffle 2G - iSoundCap's Visors are iPod-carrying and cord-managing hats designed for use in warm conditions - and sports such as tennis or running. The Visors include a plastic cord manager that is inserted into the hat's side, and an earbud-managing eyelet, together limiting the amount of dangling headphone cable you need to deal with while active. The visor is also available for the iPod Nano.


ipod shuffle 2g metal caseJAVOShield 2G - JAVOShield is a new anodized aluminum metal case that lets you jive with your iPod while it's protected! It comes in seven colors: Metallic Silver, Jet Black, Chrome, Metallic Blue, Metallic Pink, Metallic Green and Metallic Red (red is only available in the 7-pack). Now you can customize the color of your Shuffle 2nd Gen! Available in 3 and 7 pack. $15.93 (3 color)

ipod shuffle 2g clear caseJavo Clearcase - for Shuffle 2G. The JAVOClear Case for Apple iPod Shuffle 2nd JAVOClearCase is a new crystal clear case cover that lets you accessorize and personalize your iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen yet keeping it protected!  It comes in seven great colors:  Magenta, Blue, Red, Orange, Clear, Bronze, and Green.  Now you can customize the color of your Shuffle 2nd Gen! $7.98

zCover 2G - Made from washable silicon, protects and enhances the look of the new iPod 2nd generation Shuffle. Available in 10 colors. $6.95 for single, $19.95 for 3 pack.


iPod Shuffle Accents 2G - available for new iPod Shuffle 2G and come in four colors – red, blue, green and pink. Made from durable, lightweight aluminum with a high-polish finish to look good and provide access to your Shuffle. The Accents slide onto the Shuffle for a secure fit and added protection. The neoprene lining prevents scratches and allows the Accents to fit the Shuffle like a second skin. The Stop Guard feature allows additional strength and alignment for a compact accessory with smooth edges. The Shuffle Accent four-pack retails for $19.95 Available in December.

ezgear logo

ezTrip Shuffle FM Transmitter for iPod Shuffle 1G and 2G -The ezTrip Shuffle uses the power from your car to provide a clear strong signal to your radio. The LCD display and control buttons give you instant access to all frequencies.  The ezTrip Shuffle is compatible with the ezCharge Shuffle for charging your iPod Shuffle.

ipod shuffle caseezSkin Shuffle Tankini 1G 2-piece Protective Case (2 Pack) protects your iPod Shuffle and the USB cap. The ezSkin Tankini is compatible with the iPod Shuffle neck strap and the ezGear ezClip as well as other shuffle clips. Each Tankini comes in one of 4 colors (Lime Green Sky Blue Princess Pink Onyx Black) and also includes one Frost white Tankini.


ipod shuffle belt clipTransporters for iPod Shuffle 1G - Two great ways to carry your iPod shuffle (first generation)...safely. Slide it over your belt, or snap it onto your briefcase or handbag. Transporters for iPod shuffle come with two attachments for easy carrying. Choose the sleek belt-clip for out-of-the-way convenience, or use the carabiner's handy spring-loaded clip to attach your shuffle to just about anything. The locking caps even protect the USB connector and keep your shuffle safe and secure no matter where you put it. $19.99

save logo

Buy Shuffle 2G Wrist Band here and SAVE

Run About Wrist Band Our Price $19.99

ipod shuffle 2g wristbandRun About Wrist band 2G - The SportSuit Runabout offers comfortable protection for the shuffle on the go. A patented design, the runabout lets you wear your shuffle like a watch or an armband. Soft wrist strap for ultimate comfort with an adjustable armband extension. Clips easily on and off and provides easy access to Headphone port. Velcro closure $14.95

ipod shuffle wrist bandSportsuit Runabout 1G - The Sportsuit Runabout for iPod shuffle is a comfortable, light-weight wristband case that lets you wear your shuffle like a watch, or use the included one-size-fits all armband attachment to convert it to the ultimate armband case.

ipod shuffle silicone coverSport Grip Three-Packs 1G - Our most popular Sport Grip colors now available in a three-pack! Choose from Black White Gray Red Blue or Black. Three packs include an easy to clean silicone lanyard. With a multitude of attachments and color options the Sport Grip enhances your shuffle however you choose to wear it. Available in single packs for $9.95. or 3 pack $24.95

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters

ipod shuffle 2g armbandAction Jacket for iPod Shuffle 2G - Makes it easy to work out. It has a comfy one-size-fits-all armband that secures the iPod shuffle during any activity. Strap it on, the comfortable, workout-ready armband fits any arm size from toothpick to python. The cozy case features a clear, protective window that lets you control all of the shuffle’s functions without having to remove it from the safety of the Action Jacket. It’s small and stylish, just like your iPod shuffle. The Action Jacket provides the most protection and mobility available for iPod shuffle. It's a case and workout armband in one complete package. $19.99

Speck Products

speck shuffle 2 puck carrying caseTech Style Puck 2G - All-in-one carrying case for iPod Shuffle second generation. Securely holds your iPod shuffle and earbuds has a bujilt-in cable management system
and removable carabiner clip. A unique travel-friendly design with a durable compact and functional hard case!
Just unzip the Puck and snap in your iPod shuffle. Wrap your headphone cord around the shuffle holder, using the clips if desired. Tuck in your earbuds and zip it back up! When you're ready for some music, unzip it and find your shuffle and earbuds tangle-free and ready to go! $19.95

Decal Girl

ipod shuffle skin decalDecals & skins 1G -Available for all iPods including iPod Shuffle. Printed using UV-stable inks on glossy cast vinyl then laminated with a clear protectant layer to prevent smudging smearing or fading. All of our printed skins use removable adhesive that means they're easy to apply and remove without leaving any goo and can even be reapplied! Covers your iPod shuffle front, back and sides. $6.99

save logo

Buy Shuffle 1G iVault here and SAVE

iVault green aluminum Our Price $17.99
Griffin Technologyivault iPod shuffle aluminum case

iVault 1G - Machined entirely out of aluminum, the iVault safely encloses your iPod shuffle while still allowing total access to the control wheel, audio jack, on/off switch, USB port, and LED. The front and back halves of the case are joined together by 4 small screws, so your iPod shuffle is guaranteed to be secure. Lightweight yet strong, the iVault and the iPod shuffle together weigh less than 1.5 ounces. The iVault also has it covered when it comes to style. Every edge of the iVault is rounded and beveled for the perfect feel.The iVault comes in four distinctive colors: silver, blue, red, and purple. $19.99

Slappa Distribution

iPod Shuffle silicone skiniPod Shuffle Cases 1G - Comes in number of NBA logo colors.The Shockshell case for the iPod was designed using 3 different layers EVA aluminum and rubberized PVC. A soft inner layer of EVA holds your iPod safely and snugly inside the Shockshell while the middle layer of aluminum creates a solid wall of protection to reduce the risk of damage. The outer layer of rubberized PVC provides excellent grip and eye-catching designs. Includes a removable belt clip. Drop tested to 3 feet. ShockShell case for iPod Mini & iPod Shuffle first generation. $14.99


iskin ipod shuffle silicone skinShuffle Duo - The world's first dual layer silicone protector for the iPod shuffle. This new iSkin represents the next generation of iSkin protectors that uses two layers of high-grade silicone that combine to create the ultimate barrier against dust, dirt and even moisture. Yet, it keeps the size and all controls and functions of the iPod shuffle fully intact. Each iSkin Shuffle Duo includes a custom designed lanyard connector that compliments the iPod shuffle and gives a secure connection between you and your iPod. It's also available in a variety of cool color combinations.


ipod shuffle vinyl wrapOriginal Art Vinyl wrap 1G - Unique and original art on vinyl wraps. The very thin vinyl is resistant to scratches and easy to apply. Each package comes with 10 separate pieces of teflon coated vinyl stickers tailored to cover the entire Shuffle. Fits either the USB cap or the lanyard cap. A wide variety of designs that you have to see to appreciate. Submit your own designs and make some money - see web site for details. $7.88

Shuffle 2g custom skinOriginal Art Vinyl wrap 2G - Now available for the new Shuffle. $6.40

Bruddy LLC

ipod shuffle clip and caseBruddy Clip 1G - The BruddyClip case is made of sturdy polymer offering a protective exoskeleton for your iPod shuffle. With excess wire properly contained and total package so compact and light-weight you can wear your iPod practically anywhere. It has a built-in clip that's perfect for belts or caps.$14.95

Mophie Inc.

shuffle 2g clipWraptor 2G - That sweet new shuffle is clipped on and you're ready to rock and roll. Just don't tell that to those earphones you're dragging behind. Put a stop to the drags, dangles and tangles with the Wraptor. Precision engineered grooves spool those earbud wires nice and tight – you'll never get them caught in the door again. Add that to the crystal clear polycarbonate that protects your Shuffle from the bump and grind, and this Wraptor is the new king of the urban jungle. Shuffle 3-pack - $20

ipod shuffle armbandIMojo

Shuffle Sweats 1G - iMojo shuffle Sweats are the only armband for the iPod shuffle made from absorbent machine washable cotton and the only armband designed to be worn on the forearm offering high performance and comfort in one simple design. It comes with a cable wrap made from high-tensile strength silicon to keep extra headphone cord out of the way. 2-pack $18.95

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