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 iPod Voice Recorders
Last modified Wed, Dec 3, 2008

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griffin ipod voice recorder

The best iPod voice recorders and microphones for 5th generation iPod Video and 1 and 2G iPod Nano

It probably won't surprise you but your iPod can be a very capable voice recorder. Raise your hand if you recall what a tape recorder was, a term you won't hear any more.

Save your class lecture, notes to yourself, meeting agendas or interviews - just about any task that would have required a small cassette recorder or digital voice recorder you can now do with an iPod and a voice recorder attachement. The audio recorders we have collected here work on the new iPod Video and iPod Nano all generations. We even have a solution for the older iPod.- Editors  

micromemo ipod 5g voice recorderMicroMemo - Plugs right into your dock connector to capture memos, meetings, lectures, or any audio content directly to your iPod. A flexible, detachable mic captures audio or use any microphone with a 3.5mm-plug. Play your recording instantly through the built-in speaker or your earphones. MicroMemo has high-fidelity one-touch recording and works without batteries or cables. Just drop it in a pocket and go. Full iPod integration and on-screen display. Built in speaker for instant playback. One-touch recording in stereo or mono. Accepts other microphones and line-in cables. Records 16-bit audio at 22 kHz and 44 kHz for better sound. No batteries needed - iPod-powered $59.95

xtreme ipod nano voice recorderMicro Memo Voice recorder for 2G Nano- Turn your iPod nano 2nd generation into a portable, pocket-sized recording studio. No tapes, no batteries, no cables. MicroMemo plugs into your iPod to record interviews, meetings, lectures, or any audio content directly to your iPod nano.
Capture audio using the flexible, detachable mic—or another type of microphone with a 3.5mm-plug, like our MemoMic lapel microphone or a stereo or condenser mic. MicroMemo also records directly from a computer or soundboard via line-in capabilities.
Recording time is displayed on your iPod nano screen in real-time, and the built-in speaker allows you to listen to your recordings instantly—without earbuds. But if you want to connect them, MicroMemo also allows access to the headphone port. Managing recordings is easy too: your recordings are saved as files that import into iTunes at CD-quality. From there, you can edit the audio in programs like Garage Band, or import as a soundtrack to a home movie, slideshow or presentation. $59.95

Recording Quality for Nano and Video

MicroMemo records in 2 different quality levels: Low (default) and High. You change the setting at Extras>VoiceMemos>Quality.

Low High
Bit Rate 352 kb/s 1411 kb/s
Sample Rate 22.05 kHz 44.10 kHz
1-Minute Recording 2.6 MB 10.3 MB
1-Hour Recording 156 MB 618 MB
Recording Capacity (2GB iPod nano) 12 Hours 3 Hours
Recording Capacity (4GB iPod nano) 25 Hours 6 Hours
Recording Capacity (8GB iPod nano) 51 Hours 12 Hours
Recording Capacity (30GB iPod) 192 Hours 48 Hours
Recording Capacity (80GB iPod) 384 Hours 98 Hours
*All times are approximate. All memo files are saved in WAV format.

microphone for ipod voice recorderMemoMic is a professional-style microphone that clips to a lapel or shirt. This omni-directional mic is designed to pick up meetings, lectures, or any audio hands-free. It's perfect for capturing every word into a voice recorder (like our MicroMemo™), video camera or through a public address system. Clip it on, plug it in and you're all set. Features, Omnidirectional mic, Uses popular 3.5mm plug. Compatible with voice recorders, camcorders, VoIP. comes with 4-foot cable and extra windscreen and clip. 90° angle mini-plug for comfort. $29.95

TuneTalk Stereo Voice Recorder - The new TuneTalk Stereo features two high-quality omnidirectional microphones for recording memos, lectures, interviews, or conversations in full stereo. Review your CD-quality audio later by using your earbud headphones or computer. Offers CD-quality, stereo recording. Charges your iPod while recording with included cable. Fits most cases Includes external microphone adapter (3.5mm stereo). Features one-touch navigation for quick memos.Includes stand. Offers real-time adjustable gain for changing noise levels. Includes clipping indicator. $69.99

Buy iTuneTalk Voice recorder here and SAVEsave logo
TuneTalk. Our Price $64.99
belkin ipod microphone adapterUniversal Mic Adapter for iPod (for older iPods only) Now you can use your iPod as a digital recorder. With the Adapter, you can review your audio notes any time using the built-in 3.5mm jack with headphones or on your computer. Conveniently copy recordings to your computer for easy storage and editing, or send them in email. Belkin brings a new dimension to your iPod device--it’s not just for tunes anymore.
Records memos, notes, and interviews on the go. Fits any audio microphone with a 3.5mm plug. Outputs to headphones or speakers. Includes real-time, recording-level LED indicator. Attaches securely to your iPod with remote/headphone connector. Adjusts microphone sensitivity easily with 3-level gain switch. Improves recording quality and prevents audio distortion. Records 16-bit audio at 8kHz. Adjusts the microphone’s sensitivity level for the type of recording.Works with third-generation iPod devices (software version 2.1 or later). $29.99 NOT compatible with iPod mini, video, or nano.
Griffin Technology

griffin ipod voice recorderiTalk Pro - iTalk Pro is perfect for capturing how the world around you really sounds.Whether you're taking lecture notes, conducting an interview, or just want to bring the sounds of the great outdoors indoors, your only limitations are your iPod's capacity, and your own imagination. iTalk's twin built-in mics record directly to your iPod, and adjustable gain settings give you control over the volume. You can even use external microphones with iTalk Pro. Just plug your mic into the 3.5mm jack on the bottom of iTalk Pro. Compatible with iPod Video and Nano. 16-bit stereo audio at 44.1 kHz. 16-bit mono at 22kHz. MSRP $49.99

Buy iTalk Pro Voice recorder here and SAVEsave logo
iTalk Pro. Our Price $44.99
macally ipov voice recorderMacAlly

iVoice III Microphone for iPod is a compact and convenient tool that adds voice recording to your iPod. Plug it into the 30-pin dock connector on your iPod and control all functions on your iPod. An excellent added feature of the iVoice III is that it also has a stereo line-in jack that lets you record from other audio devices. No battery required. Built-in mono mic. One touch button to switch to voice memo mode from normal iPod operation. Can be used with most iPod cases. Record interviews, lectures, and other events. $54.99

Buy iVoice III Voice recorder here
iVoice III. Our Price $54.99
Hammacher Schlemmer

The iPod Voice Recorder This device connects directly to an iPod and allows you to store voice recordings on the iPod itself for future crystal-clear playback of important reminders, business meeting details, or lectures. This untethered device captures sound from up to 10 feet away, it begins to record at a touch of a button, and is only limited by the battery life and storage capacity of your iPod, unlike lesser voice recorders that require the use of a computer to transfer files to an iPod. An audio jack allows connection of an external microphone and an LED indicator signals when the unit is actively recording. Voice recordings are stored as WAV files. Compatible with 5th generation iPod video (30, 60, and 80 GB) and 1st and 2nd generation Nano. (3 oz.) $69.95


ipod stero voice recorderStereo Sound Recorder for iPod adds a stereo microphone to iPod and works using the built-in iPod recording functions. Perfect for recording business meetings, school lectures, or your own rock band. There are two built-in high quality omni-directional microphones which record stereo sound directly to your iPod. Select either mono or CD-quality stereo recording, depending on your needs.
The audio line-in is compatible with external microphones having 3.5mm plugs. It also accepts line-in cables for recording from cassette decks or other analog equipment. While using the line-in function, turn on the built-in gain control to reduce distortion and control recording levels.
Simultaneously charg your iPod with the mini-USB port while recording. The included USB cable is compatible with standard iPod USB chargers.
When used with iPod nano 2G and iPod 5G, pressing the recording hot button jumps directly to the 'Voice Memo' recording menu.
TUNEWEAR Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod supports iPod classic, iPod 5G, iPod nano 2G and iPod nano 3G.
weight: approx. 20g
Package contents:
TUNEWEAR Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod
USB charging/sync cable
Instruction guide
Recording quality and capacity:
High Quality mode (Stereo, 16bit/44.1KHz) approximately 10MB/minute
Low Quality mode (Mono, 16bit/22.05KHz) approximately 2.5MB/minute


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