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While music is the core of your iPod experience, there's lots more available. In this section you'll find walking tours of major cities, training aids, educational guides, audio books, plus many more enhancements for the total iPod experience. We just discovered maps of subway and mass transit systems.

This is a rapidly changing category -you can rent audio books, buy them outright, and even borrow from your local library or borrow them from your friends. The most useful format (other than AAC for iPod) is MP3. This is the compression most often used on your audio CDs. These can easily be converted to iPod audio book format using iTunes. We'll be covering that topic soon, so check back or bookmark this page. Editors

More places to find Free audio books and audio book rentals:

MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter - FREE windows only now

  • Convert MP3 audio books to iPod audio books file format.
  • Use your iPod's Audio Books Features.
  • Combine multible MP3 files into a single file for seamless listening.
  • Easy to use. Free. Open Source.
Sound book -audio books for iPod

SoundBook Emporium - Download the audiobook of your choice from SoundBookEmporium. We offer you one of the largest, high quality selections of downloadable audiobooks and spoken word material anywhere on the Internet - well over 5,000 titles now and growing daily. And, at the best prices too...! Combine these benefits with the ease of use of our system and the fully integrated customer support, and you have an irresistable proposition for the well-informed listener...

spoken books talking books networkTalking Books Network - You can:
• Copy the audio book you download to your digital music player (including iPod, Archos, Creative, Philips, iRiver and many more - click here for a complete list of compatible players). If you have an iPod you will first need to burn the audio book to CD and then transfer it into iTunes. 
• Burn them to CD and listen to them on a standard hi-fi or on your in-car entertainment system .
• Listen on your desktop computer whilst you're in the office, browsing the net or catching up on your home accounts.
• Listen on your laptop whilst you're 25,000 feet in the air or enjoying the sun in a street-side cafe.
• You can listen to audio books on any compatible mobile phone (click here for a list)

... the choice is yours!
audiobooks for MP3Audio Books Mega Store - with books in 15 categories ranging from Arts & Drama, Biography, Crime & Thrillers, Foreign Language Study, Health & Recreation, Humor, Radio Show,Religion & Spiritual and more. This was submitted by Jeff, a reader who really likes this site. They support iPod, just download, burn file to CD and then use iTunes to copy to your iPod. Prices vary but appears to be a very big selection from a wide variety of publishers.even have a few Free selections too.
Soundview Executive Book

For over 25 years, Soundview Executive Book Summaries has provided busy business men and women with the most effective way to quickly and easily grasp the key points of today's most valuable business books. Use your iPod to listen and capture great ideas that will advance your career, boost company profits, and move your company ahead of your competition! Choose from many different formats, including print, on-line, PDF, MP3, and more. 5 of their most popular business book summaries are free when you subscribe


Despite the name these are not free downloads. They do offer a selection of audible books in multiple formats. Prices Vary

ipod audio walking tourSoundwalk - A new generation of audio walking tours that combine interviews, cinematic sound effects, music, and ambient sounds around a main narrator who acts as your "best friend" for an hour. Soundwalk is a unique way to follow in the footsteps, and feel inside the skin of a city insider. These tours blend music, sound and the voices of city-steeped locals to create unique neighborhood tours that steer listeners off the pounded pavement. No special software required. Previews available on line; currently offering tours of New York neighborhoods, Paris, and Varanasi, more tours are planned later this year. $12.00

Pocket City Guides

ipod audio city guidesPut any (or all) of our 300 cities on your iPod FOR FREE. At Wcities, we understand the "on the go" generation. We help you plan your trip and gather all the info you need when you need it. Download your CityGuides onto your iPod and take them with you across the globe.
Whether you are traveling or searching for information about your home city, you will find it with Wcities. With our 300 CityGuides in 70 countries, you have instant access to every travel essential for your local and destination city.
Among others, the most popular categories include the latest events (concerts, plays, sport games, etc.) and the hottest bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, attractions and shopping.
Extra features: get the Latest News and the Weather for your destination city.
For some countries*, Movie Times and Theaters are also available on PodCityGuides.
To customize your PodCityGuides, choose only the categories and the listings you want in your favorite cities.
PodCityGuides are like Podcasts each time you plug in your iPod, it will automatically download the new information on the website for the feed you subscribe to.

The Smithsonian Institution

smithsonian global sound for ipodSmithsonian Global Sound - brings the world to your iPod. Access music and sound from archives around the world. Each track is accompanied by extensive information to aid educators, engage students, and entertain fans. Sophisticated search functions help you find music by geography, instrument, culture group, and language. Downloads cost 99 cents each in MP3 and FLAC format. Audio samples and features such as Radio Global Sound, Artist Profiles, and Musical Journeys with world music celebrities are available at no charge

MP3 Audio Books 4 U
The world's favourite bestselling books in mp3 format - Top bestselling authors including Michael Crichton, Terry Pratchett, Dan Brown, James Herbert, Douglas Adams, Stephen King, John Grisham, JRR Tolkien and more!
ipod audible city walking tours

Audible Walking Tours - Tour old Europe using your iPod as your guide. Tours available for Rome, Venice, Florence, and Pompei, with more coming soon. The most interesting places, the best local texture you'll find. History, art, ice cream, gondolas, Julius Caesar's assassination, and wine bars are just a sample of what you'll find. $14.95

Showfootage.com Video clips for iPod

We felt that thhis was interesting enough that we decided to include it here. The company provides video content for entertainment professionals, with clips ranging in length from 2 to 20 seconds. The clips range from flickering candles, tropical beaches and fireworks to computer animated scenes with hundreds of different colors and motifs. The videos can be used as screensavers or background images for their iPods. They also offer a free “clip of the week” that can be subscribed to as a podcast. $1.19 per clip

Life Long Learning - The Teaching Company

The Teaching Company brings engaging professors into your home or car through audible courses. Great teachers from leading colleges and universities have crafted over 200 courses for lifelong learners. It's the adventure of learning without the homework or exams. Rental and purchase of audible books in a variety of listening formats are available. Prices Vary


This is a rapidly expanding site including audio books for home, school, professional, sports stats and travel guides. Check here often looks great.

announced a collaboration with SparkNotes to bring 11 study guides of classic American and British literature to the iPod. Aimed at high school and college students, study guides include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Catcher in the Rye, the Great Gatsby, Hamlet, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, The Odyssey, Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, the Scarlet Letter and A Tale of Two Cities. The study guides feature the same content as SparkNotes study guides, including context, plot overview, summary and analysis, and more. What’s more, the study guides include quizzes and audio hyperlinks. The content works with video-capable iPod, iPod nano, iPod photo and third-generation iPod and higher and iPod mini models.$4.95

Study Guides - iPREPpress Offering branded study guides, travel guides, test prep, game rules, and stats as highly readable text and audio downloads for iPods and Minis. Partnering with highly respected publishers such as SparkNotes (a division of Barnes & Noble), Baseball-Reference, and others, iPREPpress combines content and intuitive navigation links to heighten the user experience while learning, studying, or traveling. $4.95

Stanford University announced that school-related audio programs are now available via the iTunes music store. The audio content will give alumni -- as well as the general public -- free access to faculty lectures, campus events, performances, book readings, music recorded by Standard students, and podcasts of Stanford football games, according to a report from bizjournals.com. Stanford said that the service will contain approximately 400 individual audio programs, and the school will continue to add new content as it is released, according to the report. The project will also include audio content related to academic courses for Stanford faculty and students only.

iTunes Store - Shop for thousands of audiobooks, movies, TV shows and music.
Download thousands of audiobooks on iTunes.

Audible Books for iPod - Audible.com

Audible is your home for premium digital audio entertainment and information. Choose from more than 25,000 best-selling digital audiobooks, radio shows, audio versions of popular magazines, daily newspapers, and more. Download your audio programs in minutes and listen using your iPod. Monthly membership start at $14.95 or purchase items separately.

Official BART QuickPlanner for Apple iPod - The FREE Official BART QuickPlanner is the most complete BART resource for your Apple iPod. Check departure times by station for weekday, Saturday and Sunday schedules. Includes bike blackouts! Find station Information with bike rules including addresses and cross streets. The Official BART System Map ahs been optimized for all Apple iPod models with a color display.Update Notifications: Don't get stuck with out-of-date information. We'll let you know when there is a change if you want to sign up.
Audio Books from Barnes and Noble click to find audio books in the following categories Biography, Business, Children, Diet & Health, Fiction & Literature, History, Humor, Inspiration, Language, Mystery & Crime, Nonfiction, Poetry, Self-Improvement & Relationships, Science Fiction & Fantasy. These audio books are usually on CD and can be readily imported to your iPod using iTunes.