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Searching for solutions to iPod errors?Since there is no comprehensive iPod error listing (that we know about) we are putting this page together here at DigitalMania-Online.

We are now trying to collect all the iPod errors and error messages that can be seen in iTunes or iPod. If you have experience with any iPod Nano errors, iPod Shuffle errors or iPod Video errors please tell us the number and what operation you were performing when it occurred. If you have a solution or additional information to add for any iPod errors please use the Forum or add to the comments at the bottom of this page.Please provide the following information:

What error code are you seeing? When are you seeing it (restoring or updating your iPod, other operation)? Which iPod do you have? What version of Windows or Mac do you have? Did you find a solution

The following error numbers and in some cases solutions have been reported if you can add to list with information and where possible solutions use forums as mentioned or just post your comment at bottom of age  Editors

Note: Sometimes when there is no specific help available you can try the 5 Rs. Start here with Reset your iPod

  • Error - 4 iPod cannot be connected. I get a message that says it cannot be updated due to an unknown error(-4). When I hit "OK" to cancel the message, it does download.

  • Error - 35 Errors appear when you download songs from the iTunes Store This can happen with iTunes in Mac OS X. When iTunes tries to download music, several errors can occur, including "-5000" and "-35", if permissions are incorrect for the iTunes Music folder, one of the folders inside it, or the folder does not exist or a broken alias exists in its place.
    One of the following alerts appears:
    "Unable to Check for Purchased Music because an error occurred (-5000 error)."
    "Error (-35)"
    "There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later."
    Read More....
  • Error -39 iTunes for Windows: When You Try to Download Purchased Music You may not be able to download purchased music if Web acceleration software is installed. This was a problem on older versions of iTunes 4.0 Updated For more info
  • Error 42 getting an error message every time I connect it to my conputer. The summary also shows its using -GBs even though there is music on it.
    - Also try iPod Help or iPod How tos or Apple iPod Help and finally iPod FAQs
  • Error 48 when synching 5G iPod to Mac G5 - If you're seeing thisipod unknown error -48 box
  1. Feedback from Patrick: You can create a new playlist and copy the songs on the ipod back to itunes. Then restore the ipod and reload the songs. Everything seems to be fine after that.
  2. <>Solution read Apple said this on 1.04.07 sounds weird but ...feedback
    1 Temporarily change the Time Zone setting in Mac OS X to Pacific Standard Time (PST) as shown below. This setting can be accessed from the Date & Time panel in System Preferences.
    2 Open the latest version of iTunes and Restore your iPod
    3 After successfully restoring your iPod, change the Time Zone back to your normal setting.

Here is what Apple says (as of 02.19.07)
Error 1415, 1417, 1418, or 1428 when restoring or updating an iPod in iTunes 7 or late

Here is another  ( as of 10.01.2008)  Error 1415, 1417, 1418, 1428, 1429, 1430, 1436 or 1439: Cannot restore or update iPod in iTunes 7 or later

When restoring or updating an iPod in iTunes 7 or later, you may see a dialog reporting "An unknown error has occurred" followed by the error number 1415, 1417, 1418, or 1428.

Products Affected
iTunes 7 or later
Any iPod model


  1. <>Update iTunes to the latest version and attempt to restore your iPod.
  2. <>Remove any third-party USB devices you have connected to your computer (it is not necessary to remove your keyboard or mouse).
  3. <>For Windows users, update or reinstall your Windows USB drivers.

<>Note: If you have a first generation iPod shuffle you may need to use the iPod shuffle Reset Utility to restore the iPod. If you are not sure which iPod you have, see Apple Support document 61688: Identifying different iPod models.

  • Error 1453 meaning unknown.
    - Also try iPod Help or iPod How tos or Apple iPod Help and finally iPod FAQ
  • Error 1429
    <>01.04.07 | Blackie says, I own a click wheel iPod and it died on me so I wanted to restore it on iTunes 7.02 for Mac and kept getting an unknown 1429 error. I finally got to restore it by unplugging all other usb components from my g4 fw800 ,hard drives etc. So I hope this can help anybody else get their shit back together by the way my iPod was plugged through the fire wire ports.
  • Error 1607 when trying to upload iTunes software
  • Error 1921 I am trying to install itunes on my pc and get a 1921 error, service ipod service could not be stopped. Could be trying to install earlier version of iTunes. Error 1921 Ipod Service could not be stopped 
    Apple Community Discussions Topic : Error 1921 Ipod Service could not be stopped

    - Also try iPod Help or iPod How tos or Apple iPod Help and finally iPod FAQs
  • Error 2738 iTunes and QuickTime for Windows: What to do if the Installer crashes The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package.
    Products affected - iTunes 7.0, QuickTime 7.1.3, Windows XP
    The iTunes and QuickTime Installers uses a technology called "Windows Installer", provided by Microsoft. If you see this error, it may be because the Windows Installer technology is unable to process the Visual Basic Script embedded inside the iTunes and QuickTime Installers. You may resolve this issue by installing the latest VBScript engine from Microsoft. Read More...
  • Error 3221 iTunes for Windows: error displays when accessing iTunes Store This error may occur for some Windows users with McAfee Personal Firewall Plus installed. If this happens, try changing your permission level by doing the following:
    1 Right-click the McAfee icon, point to Personal Firewall, then click Internet Applications.
    2 Locate iTunes and iTunesHelper in the Internet Applications list.
    3 In the Permissions list, right-click the permission level for iTunes, and click Allow Full Access.
    4 In the Permissions list, right-click the permission level for iTunesHelper, and click Allow Full Access.
    Updated article here
    This should allow iTunes and iTunesHelper to both send and receive data from the iTunes Store.

    More information on changing permissions can be found on page 18 of the McAfee Personal Firewall Plus User's Guide.
  • Error 3234 I can no longer access iTunes Store (Denmark) nor update my Nano. The error message says "check network connection - unknown error -3234". For connection help
    • Solution provided by Monica in Denmark. The solution for error code -3234 is in nano is the following:
      Solution: Check to see if you got a security pack with your Internet connection software, if so use these steps to try removing the parental control:
      1. Right-click the TDC-securitypack icon in the Notifcation area (System tray) and choose TDC securitypack from the shortcut menu.
      2. If the "TDC parental control-guide" has not yet been used, run through that first. When this is done, login as an administrator in the TDC parental control.
      3. Click "Installation and update."
      4. Select the products to install and then deselect the box "TDC parental control."
      5. Click Apply Now.
      6. Restart computer and the parental control will be removed.
      Now try to update or restore the iPod or connect to the iTunes Store.

  • iTunes Store reporting error -3259

  • Error 9006 Downloaded mini golf for my ipod. Everytime i start the download it tells me that the download has been interrupted. it also says error 9006 after that. Usually refers to disconnected network, check firewall settings.
    - Also try iPod Help or iPod How tos or Apple iPod Help and finally iPod FAQs
  • Error 9800
  • iTunes for Windows: Error -9812 when accessing the iTunes Store 
    When you try to access the iTunes Store from iTunes for Windows, you may get the following error message if you re using Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP Pro, or Windows 2000:

  • i am unable to sync my new iPod. when ever i connect it to my pc i get the error message "the ipod ** cannot be updated, the required folder cannot be found"
    - Also try iPod Help or iPod How tos or Apple iPod Help and finally iPod FAQs
  • "Failed to locate Supported File Types or There Are No Photos Found on this Device"
  • "iTunes 8: Unknown error -15000 when attempting to stream music to devices connected to AirPort Express with AirTunes"

Not finding the help you need, try iPod FAQs, iPod Problems (solving), iPod Help (general), iPod How tos, iTunes Help, iPod Troubleshooting, Apple Help (all related docs)

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