iTunes User Guide

iTunes Users Guide

If you're new to iTunes software or just want to refresh your memory about the many things iTunes can do for you, start here with the iTunes User Guide. On this page you'll find basic install information, putting music on your iPod, playing music in the way you want, using the iTunes Store and some basic troubleshooting advice and more.

1. Install iTunes

If you're setting up a new iPod with iTunes for the first time, please see the appropriate New User's Guide for iPod, iPod nano, or iPod shuffle to install iTunes. If you're starting out with just iTunes, click the link below to download the latest version and then double-click the resulting file to install the software as you normally would.

2. Fill Your iTunes with Music

You can add music, audiobooks, podcasts, games, and videos to iTunes in a few different ways.

  • To add audio and video files already existing on your computer, simply drag the files onto the Library icon on the left side of the iTunes window under Devices.
  • To add music from your own CDs, insert an audio CD into your computer and then drag the CD icon that appears under Devices onto the Library icon to add the entire album, or select the CD icon under Devices and then drag whatever songs you want from the right-side pane to the library.
  • To subscribe to podcasts (radio-style shows available on the Internet—most are free), click iTunes Store on the left side of the iTunes window to go to the iTunes Store and then click Podcasts to browse everything that's available (click any Subscribe button to subscribe to and download a podcast).

3. Playing your Collection

  • To play an audio or video file, select Library to view your entire collection, select an item, and then either double-click it, click the play button, or press the space bar; click the pause button or press the space bar to pause play.
  • If you're playing a movie file, the video plays, by default, in the video viewer in the lower-left corner; click on the image in the viewer to play the video in its own window or click the full screen button (the right-most button directly below the viewer) to have the video fill your screen. If you want to play certain songs in a particular order, create a playlist: Click the plus sign (+) button in the bottom left corner of the iTunes window to create a new playlist and then drag and drop whatever songs you want to add.

4. Shop the Store

The iTunes Store features tons of music, audiobooks, TV shows, music videos, and more if you're looking to expand your media collection. To learn how to set up an account and purchase items from the iTunes store:

5. Learn More

Whether you're a Mac or Windows user, the information below will help you enjoy your iPod to its fullest.

6. Troubleshooting

The following are typical issues you may encounter.