Nano Battery Replacement

Nano Battery Replacement

The following instruction are reprinted with permission and provided courtesy of our friends Kokopelli Music. While the following "do it your self instructions" occasionally refer to Kokopelli parts they will apply no matter where you purchased your replacement battery. Kokopelli provides iPod replacements parts and services for all your iPod repair needs. - Editors

The batteries that power most cell phones and iPods are lithium polymer or lithium ion. All batteries will wear out and these are no exception. The length of time yours will last is dependent on how many full recharges you've done and general usage. The good news about this is it is a relatively simple and inexpensive matter to replace your battery and when you're finished you'll have an iPod capable of playing for up to 18 hours. You'll also have some bragging rights and the satisfaction of having done it yourself, you'll have saved a bunch of money too!

That said, if you don't feel up to the task you can easily send it off to Kokopelli or one of the other recomended services listed on the side.

Now before you start, some words of advice from Jeff (the owner) at Kokopelli :

Read these instructions a few times, study the photos, have patience. NEVER force anything because the parts are small, wires fragile and they are easily broken. If something comes unplugged that shouldn’t or you do break something, don’t panic, if you don’t think you can fix it, just us at kokopellimusic we will do our best to help you. If you decide you’d rather have us do the replacement for you, STOP, go to our website and purchase the “Installation Only” option, and we’ll be happy to do the rest of the job for much less than it will cost you to replace your iPod.

Ready? Get your tools and let's get started.

Tools required: 2 nylon tools (included in most battery kits). Time required: 30 to 45 minutes.
1. Turn off your iPod. Engage its Hold switch so it doesn't turn on while you're working on it. Ground yourself to discharge any static electricity. Touch somehting metal.
2. Hold the iPod flat, with its face up, and insert the blade of the round-handled tool between the metal back and the acrylic lip of the iPod, a few centimeters from the side of the iPod, creating a space large enough to insert the other tool.
3. Insert the other tool and run it around the edge of the iPod, in either direction. As you move all the way around, the metal back will separate from the front.
NOTE: occasionally an iPod won’t separate easily. Keep trying – we’ve never encountered an iPod we couldn’t open! Should you wear out the nylon tools, try a light- or medium-weight guitar pick. Never use metal tools they will damage your iPod case.
4. Flip the iPod over so the metal back is face up.

5. Gently remove the back cover.

6. Cut the wires connecting the old battery to the iPod. You can use scissors or a knife. Make the cut closer to the battery, so you have room for error.

7. Remove the old battery and throw it away.

NOTE: we have developed a different Nano replacement technique from others you may read. In our method, you strip some wires and twist them together, while other instructions tell you to solder these same wires. We feel that for most people, the stripping-and-twisting method is less risky than using a soldering iron. However, it’s up to you. If you have the right tools and are comfortable soldering very small electronic parts, you can ignore steps 8 and 9 below, and solder the wires instead. Keep in mind, however, that extreme heat will destroy the delicate electronics of your iPod, so be very careful if you decide to solder the wires!
8. Examine your new Kokopelli battery. You will see 3 very thin wires coming from it. The last 1/4 inch of each wire is already stripped (that is, the insulation is removed). You need to strip off an additional 1/2 inch of insulation. Be very careful not to cut the wires. A wire stripper is best, otherwise use a sharp razor knife or small scissors.
9. Strip the last 1/2 inch off each of the three wires coming from the iPod.

10. Insert your new battery in the iPod. You will now have a total of 6 wires: 3 from the iPod and 3 from the battery. Just match the, and using tweezers or your fingers, twist together the pairs of wires that have the same color. Put a bit of ordinary scotch tape around each pair as shown in the top picture. Make sure all exposed wire is covered with scotch tape.

11. Lay the wires flat on the main board, making sure none of the exposed parts of the wires are touching the main board (see middle picture)

12. Make sure the hold switch on the iPod is aligned with the case, then snap the iPod together. That’s it… you’re done!

13. Don’t forget to fully charge your new battery before using it. Turn on your iPod - you're good to go!

If this didn't help read more about iPod Repairs and iPod Diagnostic Mode and Frozen iPod and Battery icons

Copyright (c) 2007 by Kokopelli Music, all rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission.

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