Free Music Download

Free Music Download

Downloading Free Music - here is a roundup of many free and pay as you go music download sites. Download MP3s, iPod tunes, rent music, get music lyrics and more.

Download 25 FREE songs at! Play albums on demand, buy the ones you love. Reinvent Your iTunes & Digital Music - Play & Share Online. You can upload your music. Upload your iTunes and My Music folder to the Web This popular free site features a handy search engine that queries three major MP3 sites to help you quickly find the music files you're seeking. Free Music Downloads Categories include children's music, Christian songs, dance, folk, instrumental and rock. This site offers a good categorized roundup of free MP3s from Bollywood (Indian cinema). The site also has a nice selection of Bollywood movie trailers.

Classical Music

AMClassical a free site offering downloadable music in both MP3 and MIDI formats. a subscription web service offering more than 30,000 full-length pieces in MP3 format.

ClassiCat a free service offering listings of MP3 downloads.

eClassical a download service offering complete works starting at $0.99 and the music is formatted as MP3.

Magna Tune Share and buy Classical music from before the year 1800

Maxopus paid-for downloads of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies' recordings, available as MP3 and Windows Media formatted files.

Powell Flute Studio some free MP3 downloads of flute music, requires registration.

NetMusic a small collection of MP3 files available to buy from $4.95 for a series of Concertos.

Wippit offers some tracks starting at just 29p and unlimited downloads available for £4.99 per month. Music is formatted in MP3 and Windows Media.

Free Children's Music This site offers a roundup of free MP3s of children's music. Devoted to MP3 music files for children.

Christian Focus

Christian MP Free Specializes in offerings from independent Christian artists.
Songs of Praise At this searchable site, you'll find over 360 free Christian and worship themed songs in over a dozen languages. Music files here are available in several formats, including MIDI and MP3.
Free Bible verses Many genres all in MP3, including rock, pop, country, folk, jazz, etc.

Piano Free MP3s of soothing, original solo piano music." An MP3 site that specializes in solo piano and instrumental music with dominent piano. MP3 files of acoustic guitar instrumental music. This unusual resource offers free recorded voice prompts in MP3 format. These professionally recorded prompts are suitable for use in web sites etc. The voice prompts, which were recorded by voice artist Chuck Brown, are available in four "moods."

Erik Brown's MP3 Links I really have to put Erik's site in the position of honour at the top of this web page, since it features an awesomely large collection of mp3 music site links arranged in an easy to use layout. If you're looking for free music on the Internet, in a superb selection of eclectic, mainstream and world music genres, this has to be your first port of call. Absolutely!!

Monkeyfilter Audioblog Wiki Taken from the amazing Tofu Hut site. An absolutely humungous list of mp3 blogs, offering music to stream and download in an awesome selection of genres. Go there. Do yourself a favour. The wiki is only editable by Monkeyfilter members, but it's still fabulous.

Oddio Overplay massive music resource which has collated years and years of downloadable and streaming music from fabulous resources all over the world. All free and legal.

OGGLE - Search Engine for OGG music This is a search engine for music in OGG (an mp3 like) format. Free and legal.

Skreemr Superb free MP3? music search engine offers streaming and downloads of a huge selection of publicly available tracks. The Hype Machine



Mega Portals

Soundclick This relatively unknown portal appears to be adding over 40,000 songs a month to its roster. Free mp3 and WMA tracks available for download and streaming in a wide range of genres.

Audiri Also somewhat unknown portal, not only lots of music but also watch videos. Lots of smaller bands, but some good music

Amazon Yep Amazon! Few people realise that Amazon has simply a huge selection of free music downloads from all sorts of genres. Some in mp3, some in WMA. Use a disposable email address.

Vitaminic now hosts over 350,000 tracks from 78,000 artists. Mp3 and WMA files for download and streaming. Includes Peoplesound, IUMA and FranceMP3. Ampcast Slick, but rather sluggish artist promotion site with a large selection of tracks in various genres. Mix of mp3, WMA, downloads and streaming as well as artist CD purchase. IUMA Excellent selection of tracks to stream and download in a huge range of genres, although it is often very slow.

Artistopia Artistopia offers music artists and songwriters a platform to collaborate on musical projects with industry professionals.

Epitonic Great selection of stuff from all sorts of predominently modern genres. Excellent. Be sure to check out all the similar artist selections and streams. - Netlabels Over 2,500 free EP's/albums (and more than 15,000 tracks?) from mainly electronica 'net labels', all gathered under the one roof. - Live Music Archive More than 15,000 freely downloadable concerts - a user-friendly face put onto the Etree live concert trading download service, with explicit permission from the bands involved. Easier to use, search and recommend. Warning, some massive sized file downloads (SHN), although some streaming/downloadable mp3 too.

Besonic 20,000 artists and 30,000 songs from 5 countries. Free mp3 tracks for download and streaming. Some interesting Euro bands!

jamendo very fast growing Download and community site for creative commons liscensed music (over 80.000 tracks) All music on is free for Download via emule or Bittorrent, you can chose between .OGG or mp3 format.Like the music then make a donation to the artist or buy a CD.

Purevolume More than 100,000 songs available for free download . Use it with the Greasemap plug-in for Firefox and you even get a map of where your fave band is based.

IC-MusicMedia Hosts mp3s and videos, over 4,000 artists various genres, easy interface - free of pop up player consoles, streaming lofi/hifi for winamp, real and other players, forums, downloads

Altsounds Community site that hosts alternative  artist content. Tracks provided free streams and/or downloads. Hosts thousands of great mp3 files uploaded to the website by artists from around Australia and overseas. All mp3 files on the site are completely legal as they have been uploaded by the artists themselves, and free to listen or download.

Weedshare Search Search engine for music in Weedshare format. Weedshare allows you to download and listen to music for free. Only for Windows users, no special software needed to listen. After you have heard a song three times, you can decide to buy the song, pass it on to someone else or just throw it away. The Weed Files Self-service music store intended for artists and labels who want to distribute their music in the Weed format. Their services, including lifetime hosting, are provided for free. They have 1600 independent artists in their database, including Heart, Kristin Hersh, Gazpacho, Roger Manning, Abby Travis and Gretchen. They're currently in the process of adding about 70,000 songs from CD Baby artists to their catalogue.

Review Sites Six different authors scour the web for the best free and legal music and write a brief review. A new band is posted every day. Review site that hand picks each of the songs that are posted and offers them for free download. The idea is to focus on only posting the best music that the reviewers encounter. Thousands of album reviews - popular music from today back to the 1950s. Wilson & Alroy, a pair of self proclaimed "rock 'n' roll super dweebs" go into depth in picking apart some of the best (and worst) albums, and  back up their opinions. Review site. No downloads, just direct links to the artist sites with mp3's to offer. Focus is on being a peer review site. This is a good indie music review site. There is a free mp3 download for just about every band that they profile. New music reviews in 75 words of less. Mostly indie rock but hip hop and electronic too. Online music zine for people with appetite for new music. A high quality selection of the most musical and creative electronic artists from around the globe, quick access to the music. A music community site featuring artists from all genres and nations. Downloads from a very large number of genres. Music resource provides unsigned artists and independent bands with an opportunity to promote original Music resource provides unsigned artists and independent bands with an opportunity to promote original Free Online Music Promotion and reviews for unsigned bands.

Great Songs Free Some excellent tunes from indie artists for free and legal download.

MP3 Thursday at LeliaThomas.Com At this site, you can search for MP3 sound files, as well as lyrics. You can also create and save custom playlists and save searches. A categorized MP3 sound file section. MP3s here range from classic tunes to the latest Top 40 hits. .

Download 25 FREE songs at!


Miscellaneous Sites

Legal Torrents
Site dedicated to 'Creative Commons-licensed, legally downloadable, freely distributable creator-approved files' distributed via BitTorrent?. Lots of music, but also movies and books too.
Certified Sound MP3 Mastering
Online Mp3 mastering service for the Independent Artist. We have the experience to bring out the best in your studio mix. Check out our quality at our free streaming radio site.
iTunes freebie downloads
Great - i.e. comprehensive and growing - list of free music downloads currently available on the iTunes store.
Web site listing links to web sites with free legal music and mp3 downloads.
Links to Tens of Thousands of Legal Music Downloads

The Online Music Business Space
An excellent, up to date and frozen summary of the major info on this page.
Mr Red Penguin
Amusing blog with various free and hard-to-find indie mp3s.
Free Music Blog
Basically what it says. A blog celebrating free and legal music around the world.
Use Free Music
Visit NEWS/Free track for good quality free loops & samples with a new track every month. Site also provides Royalty Free Music for Film, TV, and web based media. Site has produced music for Dr. Who, Graham Norton & iBuzz.
365 Days Project
The legendary 365 Days Project, in which an mp3 a day -- of mostly outsider, novelty, and oddball recordings -- was made available for the public to download over the course of 2003. It has been archived in its entirety, complete with images and vast commentary on each selection on UBUWEB. Free Mp3 Blog
Free electronic music downloads, daily. Techno, electronica, house, drum n bass, IDM, glitch, trance, breakbeat, hardcore, downtempo, minimal, 2-step, garage, even the occasional chip. All legal.
Interesting art entity. They brought you Free Radio Linux, and bring you streaming softwares, manuals, music and more.
Subsystence is a web magazine, but not in the traditional sense. The Downloads section on the main page features bi-monthly stores of electronic music mp3s from a variety of Chicago-based artists.
Close Your Eyes
A cool list of mp3 blogs, which post links to tracks in various music categories. Well worth a visit if you're starting off. See also Thom:Blog for another selection.
Mystery and Misery
Links to legal (and free) music of all different genres from the really obscure to lesser known  indie bands.
Mp3 blog aggregator over 45 blogs which feature mp3 tracks to listen to and download..
Collection of eclectic mp3 remixes available for free download.
A sort of UK promo, marketing type site, with a 'radio' section which offers free downloads of a small eclectic mix of bands.
A sort of artistically correct community of artists. A creative collaboration with music. Small number of downloads and streams.
They post a title, the community writes the song, people download or stream the mp3 tracks and vote for favourites. Quirky, cool and fun.
FTP based mailing list for exchanging live concert & show recordings from willing bands. No mp3's, music is downloaded via the 'Shorten' format then has to be converted to WAV before being burned to CD. Includes an extensive wiki with information about how to convert those shorten files and set up the FTP transfers. Slower than downloading mp3's. If you're into jam sessions and other live stuff from artists like Counting Crows, The Allman Brothers and The Tragically Hip.
Weed is a truly innovative music file sharing service. Complex to explain but in a nutshell, Weed files are tricked out WMA which can play 3 times then stop unless purchased. But - once bought they can be sold on ad infinitum. And the clever part is that the artist always gets 50% of the sale price, but you get between 10 and 20% each sale. It's sort of MLM without the naff conferences. Downside? Only 17 artists minor label artists as yet. Might work with major names, but this may be hard uphill work. ('Update': Heart have just released their new album using Weed, so it may be gaining traction?)
Weed music downloads
Weed music distributor offering large collection of legal music downloads.
Excellent collection of thousands of free downloadable MIDI files. Movie and TV themes, Queen, REM...just lots.
Free sheet music for download. Over 300 pieces and growing. A sort of hugely laudable Project Gutenberg for sheet music.
Every day the site nominates one track as a Jackpot mp3 winner, and gives a direct link to the artist's mp3 for download. Sort of a collaborative recommendation service for finding new music. See also their sister site,
Use these bookmarklets to play web pages of mp3's in your browser or preferred media player. Generated playlists are added to the database, which now contains hundreds of links to pages with music files.['Update': actually this is way cool, check it out! Red]  
Commons License. If you did not pick up a newsstand copy of the magazine with the CD featuring artists like: The Beastie Boys, David Byrne (radio), Zap Mama, Gilberto Gil and others... Rip, mix, burn. Swap till you drop. Copyrighted for the 21st century - 100 percent legal, licensed by the bands. The CCmixter site shows the results of this initiative.
Healing Piano
An entire "virtual album" of solo piano music from a single artist. Available to all, but presented especially with the intent of being freely distributed to those who are grieving or convalescing...
Music Lab
A research project conducted by scientists from Columbia University to learn about how people form opinions about music. If you participate you will have a chance to download free new music for personal use. After answering a few questions about yourself, you will be presented with a menu of songs by cool new artists. Your participation might take up to two hours, depending on how many songs you want to listen to. Explore it and report here if you found it worthwhile.
Guilt Free P2P
Guilt Free P2P? is an experiment in web based media distribution. Many free/legal music as well as video and software downloads. Live, interactive
bedava mp3 Best Music is in this site and chipper.

Looking for more Free Music to download for your iPod (list of couple hundred more)

Smaller bands offering free downloads 

Streaming Music and Internet Radio for your iPod

Music from other countries (worldwide)

If you can't find the song you're looking for on one of these free sites, you can always visit Apple's iTunes–Over 2 million songs and growing They boast one of the largest collections but as you probably know most are 99 cents per download.





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