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iPod Help

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This is a great starting point - if you need iPod help, have questions about your iPod battery or searching for iPod manuals or iPod tutorials. Bookmark this page and you'll save time when a question comes up about your iPod. We have paid attention to the most frequent questions on the forums - and where possible have provided you the solutions. We have browsed hundreds of Apple iPod Support documents and organized them so you won't waste your time hunting. We have organized this page to be your hub for all your iPod questions. If you can't find what you're looking for here then try our Apple iPod Help, a summary of hundreds of Apple documents for iPod, Nano, iTunes and more.


Just starting out with your iPod
These beginner courses will help get you started with your iPod

iPod Anatomy - If you're just starting out, these beginner courses introduce you to the physical side of iPod. Discover what you can press, plug, scroll, and slide while navigating your iPod controls and menus. Learn how to charge the battery and update your iPod and iTunes software.

Crank Up the Tunes - These lessons introduce you to iTunes and show you how to fill your iPod with songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. Learn how to sync iPod with iTunes, play audio files, create playlists, subscribe to podcasts, add album art and information, rip music from CDs, set preferences, and more.

I Need More Music - If your collection of CDs and music downloads just won't do, you can shop for more music, purchase music videos and TV shows, and buy audiobooks from the iTunes Music Store—and you don't even have to change out of your jammies to do it! Get the complete tour of the Music Store, find exclusive stuff, download free tunes, and more.

Show Me My Photos and Videos - If you have an iPod with a color screen, you can load up your portable player with your own pretty pictures—even videos on certain iPods. These lessons show you how to sync your photos and videos to your iPod, view images and videos on your iPod, and even show them off on your TV.

Maximize My Experience - iPod is more than a digital music player. You can put it to use as a portable disk drive and personal data assistant (if your iPod has a display). Find out how to sync contacts and calendars, play games, use the stopwatch, set clocks in multiple cities, and add notes. And for all iPod owners, learn how to optimize your iPod battery life.

My iPod is Sad (or Alarmed) - Sometimes things don't go quite the way you planned. Sad iPods, exclamation point-stamped folders, or even your computer's refusal to acknowledge your iPod's existence can drive anyone nuts. For those times, this section will help you troubleshoot common issues and dispense tips to keep you and your iPod happy.

iPod Video tutorials and iTunes tutorials on Apple support website.

New - Do it your self iPod repair

If you have a broken LCD or cracked screen.

If you need to replace your iPod battery.

My hard drive crashed forcing

My hard drive crashed forcing me to set up a new itunes, on a new computer, and download my music from my ipod. I managed to 'unhide' my music folder and copied it to my desktop and then to itunes only to discover that not all the music on my ipod is listed in my music folder. i have 2791 songs on my ipod but only 68 songs show up in the music folder when i plug my ipod in. please help