iPod Troubleshooting

iPod TroubleShooting

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iPop problems often start when one day you turn your iPod on and you see one of the infamous Sad iPod icon or Folder icon.

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More Troubleshooting Help

Make sure that you've tried the Five R's. They are: Reset, Retry, Restart, Reinstall and Restore. These steps will often whip your iPod back into shape.

If your iPod is frozen and won't turn on or maybe won't respond.

If you think you have hardware problems Run the iPod Diagnostics

Sometimes it is helpful to manually set iPod disk mode and then reset it to normal operation. While we're not sure why this can sometimes correct problems - just walk through the simple steps indicated.

No matter which iPod model you're using, if you're having issues installing iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer select your issue below and follow the steps to try to resolve it.

iPod and iTunes Error Messages

If you have used your iPod for any length of time you may have seen one of these cryptic error messages Error -1418 error unknown. We are now compiling a comprehensive list of all messages. Read more about iPod Error Messages

Installation issues:

Sometimes your iPod and your computer don't seem to want to speak the same language. Your computer may not recognize that your iPod is connected to it (or it may display an error message when connecting), or maybe your iPod doesn't show up in the iTunes Source list. Or maybe you're having trouble syncing or copying music, photos, movies, or other data to your iPod. If these types of issues sound familiar, you've come to the right place. Just select your issue below to get help.

Connection issues:

If you're freaking out about your iPod, don't. More than likely you can perform a few simple steps to get your iPod back into good working order. If your iPod refuses to do anything when you press its buttons, displays a sad iPod or folder icon or an exclamation point icon on its screen (see above). If your iPod won't turn on, won't charge, or won't play certain audio files, this lesson offers some solutions. Just click your issue below to get help.

Additional problems:

For an easy to follow QuickTime movie, view the Troubleshooting & Extras section of the iPod Tutorials.

iPod Video Tutorials on Apple iPod support website.

Apple iPod Support - Main Page - If you need more than go here, Apple provides plenty of help. Make sure you make use of the search functions to drill down to the information you need.

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I have a 160 gig classic.

I have a 160 gig classic. After 15 months (oh yes just out of warrenty) when was syncing some new tracks the ipod went into recovery. I have 68 gig (about 15 900) on itunes/in library. I was syncing the 200 or so newest ie adding to the 15 700 on the ipod.
Having restored and tried many different ways it goes into recovery on disconnection. I have tried a smart list (ie adding about 2 500 tracks at a time rather than the whole lot in one go) different orders/play lists etc. I get to about 30 gig and disconect and ipod is fine (functions/plays does what £375 says it should)...anything over that, on disconnection it goes into recovery.
I have run check disc I have checked in properties and the ipod is accepting the data ie all 15 900 tracks or any amount down to about 32 gigs worth but on disconnection..recovery. This is only 35 years worth of music collection (ie a lifetimes 'hobby') that has gone up in smoke. I have digitized all my vinyl, burnt all my cds and now the only place I have my collection is on my desktop...not very portable and doesn't connect to £1000 worth of docking station either...I have tried everywhich way for a month to put this right. Can someone anywhere offer any possible solution as the Apple Support site has offered me zero. The external drive my library is on plus the ipod all show working fine via properties and checkdisc. I have even rolled back my computer to its original factory settings just in case any new prog or settings had caused this (only took a full weekend but hey...) but nope 32.01 gig ...disconnect...recovery...yet 31.92 gig...disconnect...works fine...hmmmm.
Someone did suggest it might be a cache issue or with FAT32 (both Wiondows) although why suddenly after 15 months of working fine I don't get....but of course no solution and Apple charge an arm and a leg for any phone or email help...
I have even tried linking my external drive and library to my laptop (again another two eves of my time) but the same thing happened. I dont believe it is the ipod (why would it accept/work with anything up to 32 gig and check disc and properties say no problem) but something that I think the latest update (early March) that I downloaded via Apple which has caused this which happened on the connection it went in to recovery the first time. Oh yes of course Apple say no way but for £76 we will service it for you...so not charlatans then..but if anyone can offer any help I would be most pleased....