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About the iTunes Store

About iTunes Store Parental Advisories This document describes the Parental Advisory Label that appears on some selections available in the iTunes Store
About Apple ID and Password Learn how your Apple ID and password are used with the iTunes Store.You use your Apple ID and password in iTunes to sign in to the iTunes Store to buy music or to play music you've purchased.
How to use your iTunes gift certificate iTunes gift certificates can be used to purchase movies, TV shows, music and music videos, as well as audiobooks from the iTunes Store. This article will explain how to redeem iTunes Store Gift Certificates.
About download times for iTunes store purchases will When you buy a song, audiobook, iPod Game, or movie or TV show from the iTunes Store, the amount of time it takes to download your purchase will vary according to the file's size and your Internet connection speed.
About iTunes Store Allowance An iTunes Allowance allows you to send a monthly iTunes Store credit to a family member, friend, or colleague in an amount from $10 to $200.
Using an existing Apple ID with the iTunes Store
Purchasing songs with 1-Click in the iTunes Store
Sending an iTunes gift in the iTunes Store
Resending iTunes Store Gifts If you sent someone a gift for the iTunes Store, but your recipient never received it (maybe you typed an incorrect email address, your friend accidentally deleted it, the dog ate the email, or the email never was received), follow these steps to resend it to him or her:
Solve problems with redeeming music gifts
Are all sales final in the iTunes Store
Contacting the iTunes Store billing support
Making an iTunes Store wish list
How to resume interrupted iTunes Store downloads When the download of a purchased song, video, or game is interrupted, iTunes will prompt you to resume your download the next time you open the application.
Slow performance when using the iTunes Store on a dial-up
How to update or block your podcast
How to purchase music on the iTunes Store without a credit card
One computer using multiple iTunes Store authorizations Try the steps in this article if you think one of your computers is using multiple iTunes Store authorizations.
Seeing your iTunes Store purchase history and order numbers You can view your purchase history and Web order number when you enter your Apple ID and password.

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Help! Playlist issue driving

Help! Playlist issue driving me mad!!! Ok so il explain best I can. I added all my songs, fine. Still some room left so ipod not full, fine. Syncd, fine. But when I go into 3 of the 6 playlists, they all do the same thing. Say it has 200 songs, when I hit play and go to shuffle them, it only shows 180. So some songs are missing from the playlist when shuffling or playing but are shown in the ipod as having the full amount. I consider myself pretty good with iTunes but I cannot get to the bottom of this one. I've reset it. Can anyone help?? K