Replace iPod Battery

Replace iPod Battery

The inevitable question "do I need a new battery" will come up sooner (if you're unlucky) or later.

To help you decide what to do we have tried to pull together the information you'll need to decide - new battery or just a magic tweak or two to get your iPod back in shape.

If you already know you need a new battery and want to do it yourself you're in luck here are the instructions with photos.

If you prefer to let someone else replace your battery you're also in luck - there are a number of excellent services, check on side bar for a few we can recommend or you can let Apple replace your battery.


If you're not sure what the problem is.

Battery problems usually express themselves in two ways. Either it appears your iPod battery can't or won't charge or your iPod battery appears to charge but the playback only lasts a short time or much shorter than when new.

  • If you're having a difficult time charging your iPod - it won't charge? Several things could keep your iPod's battery from charging. The major causes can be found here - iPod Battery Won't charge.
  • If your battery appears to charge but playback time is severely limited then read more about this here at iPod battery help, tips and information.

If this did not resolve the issue and your iPod needs to be repaired. You can arrange for repair at the Apple iPod Service Website or one of the independent services listed on right.

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