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Streaming Music and Internet Radio

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Yep, streaming is defintely the new black here at the start of 2008. This fancy looking site comes with all the trimmings - oodles of music, artist bios and that oh so common design that looks like it was created in a laboratory.
Quirky interface masks a valiant attempt to combine an online music store with a streaming audition service. Not enough mainstream content to make it truly exciting, but worth a visit nonetheless to listen to the occasional rare full album treat.
Nearly 400,000 tracks of very high-quality, major record-label tracks spanning the last thousand years, from obscure medieval music to cool jazz to hip-hop released last week. Works are copyrighted but all costs are absorbed by, since joining and listening is free and without advertisement. Site streams at 160 or 320 kpbs.
Streaming site from the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Music from Jazz to techno from this student radio, twenty-four seven, advertising free. The site is in english.
Radio Shirt
Streaming radio portal with nice selection of stations, reviews and a rather nifty player/toolbar. Definitely worth checking out if you're an online radio nut.
Realtime 365
real:time is a live365 streaming radio station hosted by shadow records/bastard jazz recording artist saru (a.k.a spooky monkey) featuring mixed sets and original downtempo, dub, trip hop, drum & bass, ambient, experimental & nu jazz releases from up-and-coming independent lables & unsigned artists.
Big daddy of daddies in the streaming music world. Thousands of amateur run 'stations' broadcasting everything from classical to pop. Fabulous free resource, especially when allied with the free and awesome Station Ripper program. Superb!
Megarock Radio
Since 1998 and serves over a million monthly listeners and ten thousand members. Offers modem and broadband digital audio feeds for music listeners and allows requests to be taken 24/7 with live programming.
Real Media music stream showcasing new music. Based in San Francisco. No downloads.
Just Concerts
Reasonable selection of live concerts and studio sessions in a variety of genres, streamed in Real Player format. Rather Canadian too.
Streaming indie radio. Listeners can influence playlist and artists can send their mp3's to get played. Run out of Alaska - huh?
Dance, trance and elektronica. Streamed in a variety of formats. Also offers advertising free premium streaming services.
Streaming German electronic 'net label'. Also features a constant streaming radio service.
Streaming the 'ultra heavy' beats. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Over 700 recordings of 78 rpm records in Real Audio streaming format. Crackly, hissy but oh so magical.
Nicely styled 'artist showcase' and streaming mp3 radio service which offers music from around 500 artists. No downloads but features a nice per track rating system.
Accu Radio - Internet radio YOU control. Range of around 12 modern music genres, nice selection of tracks, streamed at good quality.
Kulak's Woodshed is a 'Labor of Love'. It's also a "A Live Internet Webcast Acoustic Music, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Blues, Country, (anything goes).
Testing Testing is another webcast of music 'and stuff'. From Gordy Coale's living room. Very offbeat, improvised and different. Definitely different!
San Francisco based alternative rock web radio station.
Headtones Web Radio
Several hours of archived programs streaming lofi and hifi .m3u - ready for re-play, featuring promising and established artists, exploring ambient, glitch, spoken word art, breakbeats, post rock, electo-acoustic and other genres, descriptive links guide to other cool webcasts and resource sites, tones for the head.
This portal has thousands of free mp3s each ranked and sorted by genres. It's a good way to find great new music without having to sort through unwanted songs. 
DanceAge Crap name, ok site.
This site is ok. Contains quite a few artists to listen to, as well as videos etc.
The Balaabodu
another free cool website to listen to some nice music online

Collaborative Systems

iRATE Radio
Collaborative music filter software. Rate your favorite music and receive recommendations based on your rankings. Uses an open source client program written in Java, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, to download new tracks while listening to tracks already received. The development site is here.
Gnomoradio is a free program which currently runs only on Linux/Unix systems. It finds and plays mp3's and ogg's that are located on the user's hard drive. It searches for, downloads and shares songs that are available under a Creative Commons license. And it recommends songs based on a user's listening preferences, almost like a totally personalized radio broadcast.
Webjay is a tool that helps you listen to and publish playlists on the web. Mp3 players like WinAmp?, iTunes, RealOne?, and Windows Media Player can be given a list of songs to play. Most of the time the songs are on the web, but they can also be on your computer. Webjay is all about playlists of songs on the web.
Free downloadable software program which looks at your iTunes library and finds others who have similar tastes. Clever idea really, not sure how well it works though. PC or Mac versions.